The White Panda


Well, the White Panda are pretty unscrupulous in their choice of mash-up content: anyone who has the balls to even mention ’90s ‘roid-rage rap-rockers Crazy Town, let alone blend “Butterfly” into a mash as typically ADD as the genre is these days, deserves at least a few chances to make your hands go up and down like strippers’ asses. And then the duo slams Skee-Lo into a cheese sandwich with Phoenix and Taio Cruz (a/k/a, and you realize these dudes come from the spin-the-radio-dial mash-up school. If there’s a problem, hit the bar and wait a tick; the hook will change. This stuff isn’t made for the patient. With Hoodie Allen and G-Riot.

Tue., Dec. 28, 9 p.m., 2010