Murray Hill Is For Douchebags, Arrested Development


Even the New York Times says so! Murray Hill, the New York City neighborhood occupying blocks between 34th Street and 40th Street from Madison to Third Avenue, gets chuckled at in this morning’s newspaper as the home of buildings “more challenging than a dorm, though not much more.” Known for its spoiled kids-cum-bankers and PR girls, the Hill is painted as nothing more than a subsidized singles party for college graduates from New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut. Yeah, bro.

Windsor Court on 31st Street between Third Ave. and Lexington — “70.5 percent of households were occupied by singles, and 79.5 percent of adults were college graduates” — is like home base. This kid is something of a poster child:

Adam Greenberg, 23, knew when he moved into Windsor Court a month ago that he was already acquainted with more than 100 people in the neighborhood, many from the same high school (Wheatley on Long Island), sleepaway camp (Equinunk) and college (Syracuse University) he attended.

“Everyone knows everyone,” he said. “If I don’t know them, I’m sure I have a friend who knows them.”

Parents like it because they “take the tunnel and they’re right there” and ladies like it because, “If I meet a guy in the laundry room of Windsor Court, he probably has a good job, probably went to a good school,” said Heather Katz, 23, a graduate of Syracuse, a decent school. Guys like it because it’s pretty chill.

But the neighborhood is far from a final destination. Eventually college grads get married and move away. It’s not like they could stay forever!

Indeed, whenever she is asked where she lives, Ms. Katz answers Murray Hill, “but I say it with a sarcastic tone because I’m making fun of myself.”

Get it?

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