The Brooklyn Star and Van Horn’s Bring More Southern-ish Food to Brooklyn


Brooklyn just can’t seem to get enough of artisanal grits and deep-fried mammals, and soon it will get even more of them.

A year or so after being shuttered by a fire, the Brooklyn Star is about to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes on Lorimer Street. Eater reports that the restaurant will open March 9, and also has the menu, which is freighted with chicken-fried steak, country ham, Texas toast, and chili, here doctored with tripe and Fritos.

Meanwhile, down Cobble Hill, Van Horn Sandwich Shop recently opened. Diner’s Journal spoke with the owner, Jacob Van Horn, and learned that Van Horn, a former architect who grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, isn’t scared of opening a restaurant in a supposedly doomed space.

The storefront, at the intersection of Court and Baltic streets, was previously home to a slew of short-lived businesses, including a vegan café, a cooking school, and a Middle Eastern restaurant. Van Horn, who hired Rick Hauchman, a childhood friend, to run the kitchen, is betting on buttermilk-fried chicken, hush puppies, and pimento cheese sandwiches to bring in the crowds that eluded previous tenants. And given the borough’s eagerness to whistle Dixie, or at least chew on it, it’s probably a safe bet.



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