Lady Gaga’s “Judas” Video: The Last Temptation Of Something-Or-Other


Here at last is a label-sanctioned embed of Lady Gaga’s video for her Yaz-meets-her-own-back-catalog single “Judas,” in which she plays Mary Magdalene leading a biker gang of Apostles, and in which she’s torn between two lovers–Judas and, yes, Jesus. (You can tell which is which by who has the crown of thorns on his head. Subtle!)

I have grown since my first listen to really enjoy this track–the spoken-word bits in particular–but this video… well, it’s so drenched in a murky soup of signifiers and symbols (and Gaga wearing crosses, which, um, wouldn’t those have become important pieces of jewelry after one of her potential paramours had bitten the dust?) and designed to engender controversy from the usual band of pearl-clutchers that all I can wonder is, “How would the ‘Like A Prayer’ video have been received in the age of Twitter and SEO-happy music blogs trying to capitalize on the clickbaity ways of its plotline and the artist behind it?” And then I sigh. (And then after that I wonder if any of those makeup-tutorial people on YouTube has come up with a lesson for copying her bottom-of-a-G-clef eyeliner yet, because that look is awesome.)