Great Bad Movie Alert: Angel III: The Final Chapter


In 1990, Angel III: The Final Chapter came on the heels of Angel and Avenging Angel to create a sort of Godfather trilogy of teen prostitution.

The “three-quel” stars Mitzi Kapture as Molly, a fetching former whore who’s now a photojournalist (same difference) and who — with the help of her trusty camera — tracks down her mother, who blithely abandoned her 14 years ago.

The allusion to Antonioni, I’m sure, is totally intended.

Anyway, Mama apologizes, tells Molly she has a younger sister who’s in grave danger, and then is blown to death by a car bomb — all in one very busy day.

So Molly sets about becoming “Angel” the prostie again and finding her sister, Michelle — who’s a teen prostitute herself! (Runs in the family, I guess. Well, she’s certainly got the gams.)

Michelle is being kept captive by the evil whore lord Nadine (former Bond girl Maud Adams), who regularly ships the girls far, far away in exchange for cocaine imports, then stamps “Delivered” on their head shots.

Before this can happen to poor Michelle, Molly and her boyfriend (Kin Shriner), accompanied by a sexless gay friend named Spanky (Mark Blankfield), move in on Nadine’s turf and rescue sis in a hail of gunshots and tomfoolery.

The gay ends up shot in the heart, but doctors warmly advise him, “You’ll be OK.”

Meanwhile, Molly triumphs and keeps Nadine locked in an ice cream truck.

And Richard Roundtree pops by as a skeptical police detective who ends up admiring Molly’s bounty of skills.

I love this movie!!!!

It’s too bad they stuck to the “final chapter” idea and didn’t come up with one more Angel.

Michelle could have become a photojournalist who re-whores herself to rescue her own younger sibling. I’d rather see that than The Godfather IV.