Is The Hangover Part II Too Gross?


I don’t know because I sadly had to miss the screening in lieu of the ballet, I totally swear.

But I hear it makes Bridesmaids look like Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

I generally love incorrect, gross humor, as long as it’s done well and comes from the right place.

But a review by Christopher Kelly claims otherwise.

Writes Kelly:

The Hangover Part II relies on the cheapest of cheap stereotypes in order to generate comedy (in the case of Ken Jeong‘s Mr. Chow, the mincing Asian drug dealer with the preposterously small genitalia, it’s the exact same set of stereotypes we were served up last time).

“And even more than the original, this new movie seems compelled by heterosexual anxiety about gay sex.

“The movie’s biggest ‘shock’ sequence involves Stu and a gorgeous stripper named Kimmy (Yasmin Lee), who isn’t quite what she appears, and who, like every other nonwhite, nonstraight character in the movie, is cruelly humiliated by Phillips’ camera.

“No one is expecting humanitarianism from a movie called The Hangover Part II — not when [director/co-writer] Phillips is trying to sustain a franchise worth upward of a billion.

“But Lee gets exploited for a quick, startling laugh, and then cynically shunted out of the proceedings. When that initial buzz of comedy fades, you’re left with a deeply sour aftertaste.”

Have you tasted it?

Did you need a Scope cocktail afterward?

Are two Asian dick jokes too many?