Yep, There’s a Food Truck Backlash


Today the Times confirms what we’ve sort of suspected for a while: People are hating on food trucks. In this case, “people” is the NYPD.

Per the Times, the reason the cops have been cracking down on mobile vendors like the Treats Truck (which was forced out of Midtown last week), Kimchi Taco, and Wafels & Dinges stems from a May 24 State Supreme Court ruling. The ruling upholds a 1950s-era regulation stating that vendors cannot park a vehicle at a metered parking space for the purpose of selling merchandise from said vehicle.

(What the article doesn’t say, and what we’d like to know, is the context for the judge’s ruling. Was the growing number of trucks the sole reason for an antiquated regulation to be dusted off and pushed into the spotlight? And if so, who was behind such an effort? And what does the judge have against caramel creme sandwich cookies, anyway?)

So the police have wasted no time in enforcing the regulation, with, one imagines, the tacit support of many storefront restaurants that have claimed the trucks are stealing their business. Not that the trucks will have a much easier time in other parts of town, as the crackdown is a multi-borough effort. No one really seems to know where the trucks are supposed to go — after all, the Parks Department can only take so many.

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