TBD, That Ryan Skeen Pop-Up Restaurant, Is DOA


By virtue of its name alone, plenty of people could see this coming from miles away, but TBD, the pop-up restaurant Ryan Skeen was supposed to open this summer at Brad’s on Waverly Place, is DOA.

The project, which Skeen created in concert with the Restaurant Group, was first reported by Food & Wine in June. The restaurant was to serve three-course, $50 meals from Skeen and guest chefs like Katy Sparks, Nate Appleman, and Michael Psilakis, who briefly employed Skeen at Fish Tag.

The restaurant failed to open in July, and now reps tell Eater that Brad’s management decided not to get involved with the program, and financing “didn’t come through.” For those keeping count, this is the seventh restaurant Skeen has dallied with in little more than three years. According to its initial press release, TBD was so named “because you never know what will happen.” But where Ryan Skeen is involved, yes, you do.