Occupy Wall Street Has Its Own Condom, and It’s Free for Protesters


Yesterday a piece in the New York Post detailed the scandalous, scandalous ways of Occupy Wall Street protesters. To wit, some of them may be hard-drinking, heavy-drugging, sex-having criminals. The Post found one who admitted to the media that he was on the lam and hiding out in Zuccotti Park (he let the newspaper publish his photo, proving that along with being a drug-addled criminal, he is not very smart). But! On to the sex part, the Post found one person who said this: “I haven’t hooked up with any guys … but one of my friends did have sex in a tarp with a guy last night.” Did they use Occupy Wall Street condoms? We can only hope so. Not only because they’re free to protesters, but because of everything that we learned about safe sex in middle school. Also, yes, there are Occupy Wall Street condoms.

Condomania says this of the specially branded condoms, which are sold at a discount $11.99 (as opposed to $39.00 for a 30-pack) in support of social change:

Occupy Condoms! Why? Whether or not you agree with the “demands” of the Occupy Wall Street movement that is sweeping the U.S., one thing is for sure; lots of people out there are tired of feeling screwed. Occupy Condoms say it all in a neat little package while affording young protestors the protection they need to stay safe in the passionate frenzy that is social protest.

Occupy Condoms are sold at a 70% discount to demonstrate our support for social change and the virtuous pursuit of equality for all. Mostly, we didn’t think it cool to be capitalizing quite so blatantly on a protest movement that itself is concerned about unscrupulous profiteering. So, we’ll just hope for some good buzz and a small amount of unscrupulous profits.

Contact Condomania to request free Occupy Condoms for the Occupy Movement in your city!

Every movement deserves a condom.

Update: As for that self-professed criminal the Post wrote about, he was arrested yesterday for groping a woman at Zuccotti Park. Not cool, dude.

Update 2: We spoke with Adam Glickman of Condomania on the impetus for their new product. He said, “When the Occupy Wall Street movement started, it sort of piqued our interest. Even before the reports came out about the supposed debauchery, we thought, passions are running high, and don’t we think condoms should play a part? It’s just a recognition of different social forces colliding in one place.”

Is this the first time you’ve given away condoms for free?
Despite our 20 years in this category, we have not given away free condoms. Maybe now and again, for an agency, or at an event, but we haven’t offered up condoms to the public in any way quite like this. We were highly aware of the perception of this product and whether it was unscrupulously capitalizing on a social movement. We thought, If we’re going to stand behind our word, we should offer them to protesters, for free.

How are you confirming that people are indeed protesters?
I don’t think we’re going to really be able to vet that. We’re seeing a few funny requests. A guy, his name was just “G,” wrote in and said, “Holy shit, we would love some of those free Occupy Condoms. Let me know if you can send any to Denver, you guys are awesome.”

We’ve set aside initially 2,000 to be distributed in parcels of 50 or so. If a request looks legit, we’ll fulfill it.

How many requests do you have so far?
This went up this morning. We have 5 requests in. We expect more as the word gets out.

Are you participating in the movement?
I don’t think I’ll be joining the ranks, but I certainly support them. The thousands of entrepreneurs running mom and pop businesses that are generating jobs are the 99 percenters. I think there are a lot of us who sympathize.

Occupation In My Pants! Occupy Wall Street Condoms Exist [Gothamist]


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