Steve Cuozzo’s Other Review This Week: The OWS Soup Kitchen


New York Post food critic Steve Cuozzo got a taste of what it’s like to be the 99 percent. Sort of. In his report from the so-called five-star soup kitchen in East New York where Occupy Wall Street meals are cooked, he first takes aim at the food for being good, then for being bad. And, finally, he resorts to lobbing senseless insults.

On the one hand, the “Occupy Wall Street’s affluent participants” should “taste the irony in having their nightly feast whipped up in a poor, crime-ridden Brooklyn neighborhood that has nearly no restaurants at all.” On the other hand, the organic chicken soup was “thin and promptly began to separate,” and the grass-fed beef was “so tough the beasts must have swallowed stones, too.” But then, Cuozzo reminds readers that the “anti-capitalism cranks” shouldn’t “complain if their free meal isn’t perfect.” Isn’t the Post the only one complaining about the food?

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