Piper Laurie On Not Winning The Oscar


In her new memoir, Learning to Live Out Loud, wonderful actress Piper Laurie remembers being nominated for playing the crazed, Bible-thumping mama of the title character of Carrie, the 1976 horror classic.

Writes Piper:

“It was hard to look delighted when they announced that Beatrice Straight had won for Network.

“I liked Beatrice personally a lot and just a few weeks before had taken her to a screening of Funny Girl because she’d never seen Barbra Streisand.

“When I heard Beatrice’s name, I was disappointed, and it took a little effort to put on a good face.

“I think it costs actors a lot when we feel we have to do that.

“Is that nakedly dishonest moment really worth it?

Meryl Streep does that moment really well. She appears as though she’s genuinely happy whether she wins or not.

“I think it’s real.

“If not, well, that’s why she’s been nominated so many times.”

It’s true — it’s sheer genius.

But it sadly deprives us viewers of the chance to witness real hurt, which is why we watch awards shows, after all — to see four people lose in every category!