Beers in the Pants, the Tumblr: An Interview With the Creator


It seems like just yesterday we were following the saga of the “Bros Icing Bros” meme, an Internet fad that resulted in a lot of forced-malt-liquor consumption and sugar-induced headaches. In retrospect, that seems tame compared to the new single-serving Tumblr “Beers in the Pants,” a site that encourages young men and women all over the country to take a beer and pour it into their crotch. Oh, Internet! You’ve done it again. The creators of the site agreed to be interviewed so that the rest of us could understand the phenomenon of “getting soggy.” The full conversation, after the jump.

When was the first time you poured a beer down your pants?
Well, it all started last January at our annual wine party. A funnel was grabbed, placed into our good friend’s pants, and we proceeded to funnel wine into our pants. As weekends went on, we continued to think it was extremely funny to drink outside and pour beers into our pants. The real pinnacle, however, was at the college lacrosse Final Four in Baltimore, Maryland, where we had the most legendary tailgate in world history…it ended up being almost every person (bro) in the entire parking lot gathered around our pickup truck enjoying pouring vast amounts of beers into their pants. People were giving us their 30 racks as donations so that everyone could enjoy more beer in more pants. One guy actually came up to us and said, “Hey, is there any way I can party with you guys because what you’re doing is really fucking sweet.” About five minutes later, he was standing on the roof of the truck getting five or six beers poured into his pants while a gigantic crowd chanted “Who’s that guy?!”

Then around mid July, we were at our buddy’s 21st birthday party. We had been drinking all day, having a great time, and at around 2 in the morning, we were sitting on the back deck talking about how we all loved beersinthepants, and that we were pretty sure other people would enjoy it also. At that moment, we created the Twitter handle @beersinthepants. Originally there were five of us who had the Twitter password, and for the rest of the summer, we enjoyed pouring beers in our pants with our friends from home and trying to tweet about our adventures as much as possible

When did you decide to make the Tumblr? And how many submissions do you get a day?
At first, there were no submissions. We had like 50 followers, and they were all people at least one of us knew. The turning point came this September. Two of us were studying abroad in Spain, and we had about 100 followers at that point. We felt there was enough there to try and push it forward: We collected all the photos that we had taken of ourselves and our friends pouring beers in the pants and just threw them up on the Tumblr. We then started to tweet about the Tumblr, and that’s when the momentum started really rolling. All of a sudden people were sending us photos on Twitter, and we had no idea who they were.

Things just progressed naturally, and we started grading submissions and writing comments. Now the majority of our submissions come from like Wednesday to Sunday. This past weekend I think we had about 30. The last three weeks or so is when it has really started to pick up. We’ve seen consistent record highs in visits to the Tumblr as well as a spike in followers. The best part is we really don’t know anyone who sends us the photos anymore, and every day we hear from a different friend somewhere in the U.S. or even in countries around the world who are talking about the site.

Do you guys feel like you’re wasting beers when you pour them down your pants?
Absolutely not. In fact, we are offended that you would say that. Just kidding. We get that a lot, and our answer is always the same: Kids buy beer to have fun, whether it’s to drink it or pour it in their pants. People love having fun when they drink, and that’s the number one mantra of beersinthepants: It’s supposed to be the dynamic combination of being funny and having fun. You’re so excited to be with your friends having a great time, and you don’t know what to do with all those pent-up emotions, and so the logical solution is to pour a cold one down your shorts.

Did you guys have “Bros Icing Bros” in mind when you started the website?
Not at all.

Are you worried that people pouring beers down their pants will become mainstream?
It started because we liked doing it so much we felt that we had to share it to the world. It’s a social movement. We use a phrase on the Twitter a lot: “Spread the sog” — we want as many people as possible to “join the movement” because like we said, it’s all about fun, and we want to share it with as many people as possible. “Soggy undies are fun undies.”

Are you worried about people or your school finding out who you are?
We definitely want to stay anonymous, but we aren’t really worried. We just think it’s funny when people don’t know the origin.

What does it feel like to have a beer poured down your pants?
Invigorating, exhilarating, purifying, cool, refreshing, and most of all…extremely junny.

What does junny mean?!
Junny…is anything you want it to mean.

If I pour a beer down my pants this weekend, will you feature me on
Absolutely. Send us a pic! Without question. I think that’s how we’ve been able to gain attention and support. Anyone who sends a picture gets it on the site. We can’t guarantee a good grade though, so be creative.

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