New York City Dorms Are Insanely Expensive


In last week’s cover story on student debt at NYU, we noted that part of the issue is that New York City is just a very expensive place to live.

Illustrating that point, a list released today of the most expensive college dorms for the 2011-2012 school year. Surprise! New York schools dominate the list, which tabulates the average cost of a two-room double with meal plan.

NYU actually comes in second on the list (up from 14th place last year), with an average cost of $15,181. Returning this year in the top slot is the New School, at $18,080.

Also in the top ten are two Fordham campuses, St. John’s, Pace, and Marymount Manhattan College — all New York City schools.

Dorm living is expensive in California as well: UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Santa Barbara are all in the top 20 as well. But as the New York Times reports today in a delightfully illustrated story, at least college kids at UC Merced have an alternative: take advantage of the foreclosure-wracked Central Valley real estate market to move into dirt-cheap McMansions where they can do their homework in the jacuzzi.

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