Andrew Cuomo’s Empire State Fellows Program: Get Rich From Public Service


Sure, only a little bit more than half of the nation’s youth have jobs these days, but that’s no reason to feel down.

If you’re a young person in New York, you can get a real nice job with Governor Andrew Cuomo that pays up to $72,765 per year — and will train you to be a politician! Who knew that public service could be so lucrative?

The Empire State Fellows Program, which will begin in September, also offers a “generous benefits package” to its inaugural class of eight to 12 students.

The stints last for two years — so qualifying early career professionals would be able to sit out a weak job market until 2014!

It’s part of something called the New York Leaders Initiative.

(There’s also a student-intern program, but it’s not clear whether that’s a paid gig…and why would you want to do something for free, anyway? You’re a leader-in-training, and leaders don’t do things for free. Duh.)

Here’s how it works: Cuomo will appoint each fellow to work with a high-power bureaucrat in a state office or agency, ranging from the Empire State Development Corporation to the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. The app deadline is June 1.

If you weren’t sold already, other perks include a “networking breakfast series.” Successful fellows “will be given the opportunity to continue to serve as leaders in New York State government” after graduation.

And hey, unsuccessful graduates probably don’t have too much to worry about, either. Two years of paid schmoozing with top pols is probably the best thing a prospective lobbyist could list on his or her résumé.

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