Things Sarah Palin Didn’t Know! A Scary List!


I don’t have room to print all of them.

Even though the Internet is infinite, my fingers would eventually give out at a certain point.

So let’s just name the things Sarah Palin didn’t know according to HBO’s Game Change, the riveting film that has been running over and over again to drill her cluelessness into our heads so at least we’ll be knowledgeable about it.

*She thought the queen is the actual head of the U.K. government, not just a figurehead. She had no idea there was something called the prime minister.

*She didn’t know what “the Fed” is, as in the Federal Reserve System.

*She had to be filled in on the history of World War I and World War II, and Germany’s involvement in them.

*She knew zilch about Lehman Brothers’ spiral, and not much about the country’s economic collapse in general.

*She kept insisting on calling her opponent “Joe O’Biden.”

*Most shockingly of all, she confused North and South Korea. She probably would have wanted to bomb our ally (though I’m pretty sure she did know the Koreas from the Carolinas)!

And of course there’s the Russian situation and so much more.

To be fair, Palin dutifully memorized 25 long answers they fed her in a panic, and she did OK in the vice presidential debate as a result.

She’d be a big star in the puppet community.