The Dictator’s Funniest Celebrity References



I’m going to give away some lines from Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new spoof, The Dictator, about a genocidal Wadiyan nitwit who learns some values in Brooklyn.

You should see the movie–it’s fun–so consider this giveaway a naughty little appetizer tray.

For background, you should know that General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) is such a megalomaniac that he’s changed a lot of Wadiyan words to “aladeen.”

And so:

*Megan Fox is shown finishing up a sex session with Aladeen and preparing to run off to shtupp the Italian Prime Minister. Aladeen gives her a parting gift bag, which includes a fancy watch. Fox moans that Katy Perry said she got a better one. Replies Aladeen, “Well, she let me aladeen in her face.”

*A Chinese businessman who’s obsessed with celebrity sexuality is shown asking if George Clooney is gay (“He suck my dick?”), also describing how Tommy Lee Jones once let him roll his privates around in his hands. Later, the businessman is seen telling a story to someone in a crowd, miming the act of jerking off a penis and having it cum on his face. Someone notices that he’s saying “Harvey Keitel” as he does so.

*There’s also a bit about Aladeen having raped Menudo, who Aladeen feels enjoyed it. The fact that three members committed suicide and mentioned him in their notes won’t sway his opinion on that.

OK, that’s all I’m telling.

Go see the movie, you aladeen aladeen!