[Updated] Toothpaste & Orange Juice Ice Cream


Could this be the ice cream of your dreams? Or nightmares?

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Update: As we suspected, based partly on the unnatural color of the toothpaste chunks, this new Ben & Jerry’s flavor is a complete hoax. We heard back from Sean Greenwood at Ben & Jerry’s, and he was emphatic, in a nice way: “No toothpaste concoctions here. Not fo’ reals at all.” He went on to suggest that Chocolate Therapy is about as strange as it gets up there in Vermont: “Chocolate Therapy ice cream (choc ice cream, choc pudding and choc cookies) is one of the crazier concoctions and should be available in prescription strength!”

Read our original story, below:

Recently, Incredible Things ran a piece on a new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor available in pints called Toothpaste & Orange Juice. The post was by one Brittany High (I know, I know), and featured a full color picture of the product. There was something not quite right about the way the frozen dessert looked in the container–the blue was way too blue, an artificial color that kinda goes against the manufacturer’s reputation for using natural ingredients. Yet, Fork in the Road decided to intrepidly investigate further.

Really, all it took was a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s website, where the current flavors are listed for all to examine. You can see how Toothpaste & Orange Juice is almost believable, because there are all sorts of recently introduced varieties, some exceedingly weird, as B & J grasps for market share. Here are the newest ones:

Chocolate Nougat Crunch, Chocolate Therapy, Rocky Road-ish, Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt with Peanut Buttery Swirls, Raspberry Greek Frozen Yogurt with Fudge Chunks, Strawberry Greek Frozen Yougurt with Shortbread Pieces, Blueberry and Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt with a Graham Cracker Swirl, Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt with Peanut Buttery Swirls, Raspberry Greek Frozen Yogurt with Fudge Chunks.

Well, B & J clearly has a new obsession with Greek yogurt, but there’s no Toothpaste & Orange Juice flavor. So it must be a hoax. At least for now.

Just to be sure, we’ve reached out to Ben & Jerry’s, and will report back if they reply.

[thanks to Tracy Van Dyk in Panama]