We All Hate Obama — Hank Williams, Jr., Just Had to Remind Us


After today’s news that Paul Ryan is a huge Rage Against the Machine fan, we are continuing into the weird vortex of politics and music. And what a strange place it always tends to be.

Yesterday was the Iowa State Fair and, headlining the Midwestern fun in the infamous caucus state, Hank Williams, Jr., was out in full force. The country singer played all his hits – we forgot the names but we assure you that they were some great tracks – and the crowd loved him. Especially after he said some harsh words about the commander-in-chief.
Joe Lawler, a reporter for the Des Moines Register, stood in the crowd and witnessed Hank play a relatively calm show… until the end. Before the show’s close, the singer yelled out,
“We’ve got a Muslim President who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!”
You know, we have seen the Muslim point (too many times), the military point (does Hank know what a drone is?) and the he-hates-the-entire-country point made before. And we’ll even let Hank put words in the mouth of every person living here – don’t be fooled by the President’s 47% approval rating. But when did Obama become so anti-farm?
Regardless, Lawler reported that the Iowans in the crowd cheered and shouted in response to Hank’s bold declaration. But, after almost four years into the Obama Presidency, we have seen this reckless reaction of many Americans to the President; actually, more so than any other living occupier of the White House in modern American history. So the hoots and hollers are not that surprising and the fact that it came from Hank Williams, Jr., isn’t either.
This is the same guy who went on Fox News at the end of last year and straight up said that Obama is more or less just Adolf Hitler in disguise. And what a success that was for Hank: immediately after the appearance, ESPN stopped playing a song by his that they used on Monday Night Football for twenty years and counting. But, it’s a matter of principle, ya know?
He also told Rolling Stone last month that the President “does a call to the Koran or Mecca or whatever.” (We recommend you read the entire thing; his impersonations of Obama are just on point). So, as you can see, he’s on a roll or streak or whatever.
Hank’s accusations remind us of the incident a few months ago where Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys called Obama a socialist asshole, telling us we’re all fucked if we support his policies. We made a bunch of corny Beach Boys references to back it up; you can read them and cringe here.
With everything else in mind, Hank Williams, Jr., and his comments has further proven the notion that the washed-up Baby Boomers of music are extremely hostile towards the President, to the point that they need to tell us how much our lives would suck under Obama’s reign. Add Romney spokesperson Kid Rock to the mix and you have yourself a star-studded cast of people with outstanding advisory credentials.
We still want to know when Obama became anti-farm, though.