Eliot Spitzer Is Using His House as Headquarters for Petitioners?


Ladies and gentlemen, do we have an odd bit of news for you: One of our readers, who has asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons, wrote to us about their experience with one of the Spitzer petitioners, and discovered that the place to go “get involved” was actually Eliot Spitzer’s home address. I am currently amassing a squadron for a sock-drawer expedition as I write.

The reader encountered a petitioner at the north end of Union Square Wednesday morning. Just as with Capital New York writer Azi Paybarah when he walked around trying to get info from volunteers, the petitioner demurred about her involvement with the campaign, not giving many details about how she got involved.

The petitioner I asked was not totally forthcoming on how she got involved, but did tell me that she and her fellow workers are being paid “between $20 and $100 an hour, depending on who you get involved with”.

She also gave me an address I could visit if I was interested in helping out. Some light googling revealed this to be Spitzer’s home address, so there’s that.

That’s right. Allegedly 985 Fifth Avenue is the petitioners’ HQ. And what does “depending on who you get involved with” mean? The needle on the sketch-o-meter keeps swinging back and forth on this one.

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It’s not tremendously weird that he’s running the show from his two-or-three bedroom apartment. Besides, we here on this blog have raged against the tendency of personality journalism to eclipse the actual issues.

But it does scream slapdash campaign management. Even though the campaign was announced late, it’s odd, given this man won a gubernatorial race and an attorney general’s race. You would think he would know a thing or two about running a tighter ship.