Banksy’s Latest Piece Is a Moving Truck of Paradise


Earlier today, Banksy’s website was updated with his latest creation: a 1992 GMC delivery truck hauling around paradise in the back. No use in pinpointing an exact location for this one–the truck will move to a new location somewhere in the city every night at dusk. There was an earlier false alarm, so as of right now there have been no confirmed sightings. Banksy’s website states that it will be somewhere in the East Village tonight. After that, who knows?

The hotline extension for the truck is #3. Calling it up, the man on the other side explains that the souped-up truck “boast[s] a number of features unique in its class,” including “a digitally remastered sunset that never sets, a waterfall pumping over 22 gallons of water a minute, and some plastic butterflies duct-taped over a fan that move around a bit.”

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In case you forget the joke halfway through the telling, Hawaiian steel guitar is playing in the background.

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Then the voice recording does something that the rest of hotline extensions did not: It is serious for a second. Reading a passage from John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, the narrator compares Banksy’s graffiti to the “sowing of seeds illicitly” during the Great Depression when large corporations took exclusive control of farmland for industrial production. (Sound familiar?)

From the Steinbeck:

And a homeless hungry man, driving the roads with his wife beside him and his thin children in the back seat, could look at the fallow fields which might produce food but not profit, and that man could know how a fallow field is a sin and the unused land a crime against the thin children.

Now and then the man tried; crept on the land and cleared a piece, trying like a thief to steal a little richness from the earth. Secret gardens hidden in the weeds. A package of carrot seeds and a few turnips. He planted potato skins, crept out in the evening secretly to hoe in the stolen earth.

If you see the truck anywhere, let Runnin’ Scared know. We’ll be out there to check it out.

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