Banksy’s Village Voice Covers With Os Gêmeos Go Up as Paintings in Chelsea


Banksy’s collaborations with Brazilian street artists Os Gêmeos went up in Chelsea today as paintings. The two images, mashups of each graffiti outfits’ iconic styles, were featured as cover art for the Village Voice‘s exclusive interview with Banksy earlier this month.

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Two images are inversions of one another. One depicts Os Gêmeos’ characteristic yellow man amid the ranks of Banksy’s riot police. The other shows Banksy’s riot policeman in a crowd of Os Gêmeos’ yellow people.

The space where the paintings are displayed are supposed to mimic an art gallery setting. The lot comes complete with a security guard, a bench, and a cooler full of “non-alcoholic wine”–an abomination, if you ask us.

These are the genuine article, folks. This morning’s bogus Aladdin “Wanted” signs must be the work of a clever Banksy copycat/Arabic calligrapher.

On the next page is a map to the location of the work, along with a few pictures from the scene.


West 24th Street and 10th Avenue, Chelsea.