Other Things Drake Is Disgusted By


Yesterday Drake said he was disgusted by Rolling Stone for doing their jobs, exposing to the world that Drake is, in fact, the man we’ve all hoped he was. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have collected a list of other things Drake is disgusted by.

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1. That time Birdman pretended that he didn’t hear him.

2. Nicki Minaj hugging her attractive brother.

3. LeBron laughing off his not-completely-joking idea of playing point guard for the Heat.

4. Hugh Hefner saying “who the fuck are you.”

5. The Michael J. Fox Show getting cancelled.

6. Too much tini in the martini.

7. Seth dumping Anna from season one.

8. The treble sounding a little tinny on his In The Aeroplane Over The Sea record.

9. The Pixies EPs.

10. Fucking up his card trick at 40/40 Club.

11. Chapped lips.

12. Girl texting his phone when another girl is using his phone to take a picture.
No mention in Questlove’s book.

13. When he missed that text from Kerry Washington.

14. Botching a crucial athletics check that sent his half-elf warrior plummeting to his death.

15. The sort of activities you can partake in when playing Grand Theft Auto V.

16. People who don’t use baby-wipes when they poop.

17. Small boobies/butt.

18. The word “penetrate.”

19. Unscented lotions.

20. Accidentally biting his lip during “Worst Behavior.”

21. Gas station doesn’t have any Abba-Zabbas.

22.. Getting Avril Lavigne in Buzzfeed’s “which punk rocker are you?” quiz.

23. The A.V. Club never responding to his pitches.

24. Being into Watchmen before it was popular.

25. Forgetting his robe at the Pappadeaux.

26. That time Lil Wayne said something weird to his mom.

27. Donald Glover never calling back.

28. DJ Khaled.

29. TV on the Radio shirt doesn’t fit anymore.

30. That time Rihanna saw his search history.

31. Not knowing how “off the record” works.

32. The Sochi opening ceremony.

33. Fake people.

34. When Kendrick broke their pinky promise.

35. Not being able to wear flip-flops anymore.

36. Selfish lovers.

37. When people pee in the toilet and then poop in the toilet so their poop is in the pee-pee water.

38. Zipper broke on the jorts.

39. Young Money cutting his “Needle in the Hay” cover from the record.

40. His guild broke up in World of Warcraft.

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