Aaron Fraser: I Am Not a Crook (Anymore)


In the early 2000s, Aaron Fraser was an ex-con, finally free after a ten-year stint for cocaine distribution.

Struggling to find a job with a felony on his record, Fraser turned to writing books like Homo Thug and The Birth of a Criminal, and it was going well for him too — until he implicated himself in the crime for which he would serve he second prison sentence: tricking the women he met in AOL chat rooms into cashing fraudulent checks on his behalf.

Out again after serving 20 months for that crime, and then five years of probation, Fraser is looking to reinvent himself once more: this time as a U.S. Congressman for New Jersey’s 10th District.

District 10’s Essex County sends more residents to prison than any other county in New Jersey. “That’s a large bloc of people in the community who will be sympathetic to someone who’s made mistakes,” Fraser says.

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