What Do NYC’s Favorite Record Store Pros Want for Record Store Day 2015?


Record Store Day is far from perfect. Just as sure as the Christmas of vinyl has come every third Saturday of April since 2007, so too have its detractors, with complaints ranging from how the holiday clogs up pressing plants to how people are flipping releases on eBay to how major labels have begun to nudge indies out of the picture to how the event’s popularity has resulted in overcrowded stores that are generally undesirable places to spend one of the first Saturdays of spring. This weekend it’s supposed to rain, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella for the hour-long wait to score that heart-shaped Father John Misty colored vinyl. (Unless you’re just going to flip it on eBay. In that case, fuck you, get wet.)

It’s not surprising that people who obsess over something that 99.9 percent of the population considers totally obsolete have found ways to complain, but in the end, any Record Store Day is better than no Record Store Day. Yes, in some ideal independent-music utopia, more pressing plants would be constructed, indie labels and stores would enjoy an exclusive and insanely profitable symbiotic relationship, and your teenage cousin would favor the warm embrace of a needle on vinyl rather than whatever Jay-Z is talking about in that Tidal commercial. But this is not the world we live in, and until it is, a holiday that celebrates record stores, makes a lot of money for record stores, and offers a bunch of limited-edition pieces of wax for record collectors is pretty damn cool. Despite the recent vinyl resurgence, the format and those who trade in it are ultimately teetering on the edge of sustainability, and anything that causes a reissued double LP to inspire the kind of fervor normally associated with new Apple products shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In honor of this Saturday’s holiday, we asked owners and managers from some of our favorite participating stores around New York which Record Store Day releases they’re most excited for this year. Click here for a full list of RSD-exclusive releases, but make sure to call your record store of choice to make sure they ordered what you’ve got your eye on. You don’t want to wait in line all morning only to come away empty-handed.

Chris Vanderloo | Co-Owner, Other Music

“I’m looking forward to that Ork Records box set, the New York–based label in the mid-to-late Seventies. It’s a seven-inch box set of all the seven-inches they put out. It includes Richard Hell, early Television (Ork Records did ‘Little Johnny Jewel’), Chris Stamey. I’m looking forward to that. It took me years to find that ‘Little Johnny Jewel’ seven-inch years ago. It’s all going to be in the Ork Records box set now.”

But what have people been calling about?

“We’re getting a lot of calls about the Brand New reissue. The Mark Kozelek reissue should do really well. The Dylan titles do well. Every year the first people in line at the shop are these older guys, these Dylan diehards.”

George Flanagan | Manager, Rough Trade

“There are quite a few. It’s tough to decide. The Zombies album that was supposed to come out after Odessey and Oracle, they’re reissuing that. It’s an album that basically was never officially released on vinyl. It followed Odessey and Oracle, which was their classic psychedelia and chamber masterpiece. It was kind of lost at the time because the band broke up, and it’s one of those things where it’s just exciting to have it on vinyl. I have heard it — it’s been reissued here and there on CD — but just to have it on vinyl is pretty exciting.”

But what have people been calling about?

“Mark Kozelek. Red House Painters. There’s this extremely limited box set of all their releases coming out. We’re not even sure if we’re going to get it. It’s that extremely limited, which is a shame because so many people want it. It’s one of those things where you wonder why the label is trying to be so sparse about it, because they could make so much money. But that’s also kind of what’s attractive about it, the whole idea that there’s just a handful available.”

Matthew Milligan | Manager, Permanent Records

“The one I like the most is the White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan, which for some reason was never put out on vinyl. I don’t know why that one was missed. Jack is such a vinyl guy. That one never happened and it’s finally becoming available on vinyl. So for me, that’s the sort of release I like on Record Store Day. It’s not a reissue of something that’s already available or any sort of a rehash. It’s a real, new thing. It’s got new artwork. I think that’s really cool. That’s definitely something I want for myself.”

But what have people been calling about?

“The thing I’m getting the most calls about is Brand New. The reissue of Deja Entendu, a lot of people are looking for that. Everyone who calls asking about that, I tell them that they’re going to want to get here early, because I’m expecting that to be one of the first things to sell out.”

Jonathan Sklute | Owner, Good Records

“I’m pretty excited for the unreleased Zombies album. I love the group and I think it’s supposed to be the one right after Odessey and Oracle, which is a favorite of mine and really special to me.”

Fabio Roberti | Owner, Earwax Records

“There’s this ten-inch Miles Davis Prestige box from 1954. Then there’s some more out-there stuff, like a Morricone soundtrack from ’74 that I’m really excited about for this film called Spasmo. It has two different covers. I’m a big fan of Morricone, so that’s something I’m interested in. There’s a Serge Gainsbourg release that’s also material from movie soundtracks. There’s also a Thai Pop Spectacular compilation of pop music from Thailand from the Sixties and Seventies, and that’s pretty cool.”

But what have people been calling about?

“The 25th-anniversary edition of Happy Mondays’ [Pills Thrills N Bellyaches]. That’ll probably sell very quickly. There’s a Grateful Dead box set of a live performance. That’ll go really fast. Grizzly Bear just reissued Horn of Plenty, which was a popular title of theirs but hasn’t been available for a while. There’s a lot of stuff this year, so it’s going to be crazy.”

Jason | Manager, Generation Records

“The Metallica demo tape is good. It’s got Dave Mustaine on it and it’s their first release. It’s a cassette but I think it’s a pretty cool collector’s item and a cool thing to listen to. It’s their first-ever demo. Also kind of similarly, Jack White discovered the first-ever Elvis recording. Jack White put that out on a ten-inch for his label, Third Man Records. I think it was originally like an acetate and really bad quality, but they touched it up and put it on a ten-inch record, so that’s the first-ever Elvis recording.”

But what have people been calling about?

“People have been asking about the Metallica. People always buy Replacements stuff and people have been asking about that. People like the side-by-side splits, which is like a seven-inch of the original song and a band that does a cover of that, back to back. Those are cool and people like those. It’s a cool idea.”

Felix Loo | Owner, Disc-O-Rama

“All the Dead stuff. There’s also an of Montreal release that looks good.”

But what have people been calling about?

“There’s a nice Black Keys seven-inch that’s coming out. There’s a couple of Jeff Beck seven-inches that are pretty good, too. We’re getting a lot of calls for those.”

For more information on Record Store Day 2015 happenings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and beyond on April 18, click here.

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