Warm Up With Fireplaces and Hot Toddies at These Ten NYC Watering Holes


The last days of winter aren’t going down without a fight. While spring is only a few weeks away, New Yorkers are still dealing with dustings of snow and blasts of chilly air. Luckily, the city’s bustling beverage scene has imbibers covered, with some bars serving hot toddies, some offering the warmth of a fireplace, and some with both. Here are ten places to toast and get toasty while we count down the days until spring.

The Lobby at the Bowery Hotel
335 Bowery, 212-505-9100

If you’re a hot toddy aficionado, chances are you’ll love the hospitable, refined atmosphere of the Lobby at the Bowery. Sip on a warming whiskey drink while the fireplace blazes, casting a gentle glow on the room’s antique furniture. And if that’s not enough of old-world New York, there’s mural of nineteenth-century Manhattan along the wall. You won’t find a hot toddy on the cocktail menu, but you can order one off-the-menu at the bar.

529 Hudson St.; 212-792-9700

With chef Joe Ng and partner Ed Schoenfeld at the helm, RedFarm is renowned for its modern take on Chinese cuisine. But RedFarm’s beverage scene is also making a splash thanks to mixologist Shawn Chen, creator of the Chit-Cha Toddy ($14). An oolong tea spiked with Domaine de Canton and spiced with muddled ginger, this take on the toddy is well worth the trip.

Refinery Rooftop
63 West 38th Street; 646-664-0372

Winter doesn’t exactly scream “Let’s hang out on a roof!” Luckily, Refinery has a retractable rooftop that blocks gusts of wind and biting cold. Enjoy stunning views of snow falling over Manhattan while you’re safely tucked away in a fishbowl atop the Refinery Hotel. To fortify yourself even more, get Refinery’s version of the toddy: a mixture of green tea, hot apple cider, and JP Wiser’s Rye, topped off with lemon juice.

Holiday Cocktail Lounge
75 St. Mark’s Place; 212-777-9637

The Holiday Cocktail Lounge has been a New York City mainstay since 1835, but thanks to its complete overhaul in 2015, the bar made the Voice‘s 10 best new bars of the year. Holiday Cocktail Lounge mixologists (and brothers) Michael and Danny Neff have crafted one of the premiere cocktail menus in the city. Their Bundle Up cocktail ($13) perfectly balances both sweet and strong — a must in any toddy — with honey, lemon, cinnamon, and whiskey.

Margaux at The Marlton
5 West 8th Street; 212-321-0111

Margaux at the Marlton Hotel in Greenwich Village is a hot spot, both figuratively and literally (thanks to the crackling fireplace). Hotelier Sean MacPherson designed the lobby to be a “living room for the community,” and it’s a fitting description for this cozy place to sip cocktails. Fun fact: Back in the day, Jack Kerouac and Edna St. Vincent Millay stayed at the Marlton Hotel. Thus, it’s only fitting that a visit to the Margaux include a stiff drink. Try mixologist Corey Walters’ bourbon-based hot toddy topped with English breakfast tea.

Employees Only
510 Hudson St.; 212-242-3021

It’s an open secret that behind the glowing neon sign that reads “Psychic,” the Employees Only speakeasy is bustling with buzzed patrons. What might be less well-known is that there’s a warm hearth roaring inside this mystical bar, where you can shake off the cold with a made-to-order hot toddy.

34 8th Ave.; 212-518-2722

Anfora has earned its reputation as a destination for quality wine, thanks to co-owner and executive beverage director Joe Campanale’s dedication to choosing bottles like he’s handpicking grapes off the vine. This frigid season, Anfora is branching out beyond wine with the Brooklyn Hot Toddy, named for its main ingredient: Rock & Rye from Brooklyn-based New York Distilling Co.

Tasca Chino 
245 Park Avenue South; 212-335-2220

At Tasca Chino, chef Alex Ureña serves a fusion of Spanish and Chinese cuisine along with an array of Chinese tea cocktails. To mirror the restaurant’s Iberian and Asian flavors, mixologist Nuri Sherpa has crafted a truly delightful toddy, the Iberio Oriental ($13). This hot drink features Lustau Brandy de Jerez, orange curaçao, and oriental syrup. To match the location’s decor, the drink is garnished with aromatic star anise and orange chips.

Black Mountain Wine House
415 Union Street, Brooklyn, 718-522-4340

Here’s yet another case of New York having it all: In Gowanus, Black Mountain doubles as both a farmhouse and a wine house. Serving eclectic wines in a rustic setting, this cozy spot has a lovely fire that’s perfect for warming up and sipping on mulled wine.

221 Smith St, Brooklyn; 347-987-3260

Leyenda, another choice for the Voice’s best new bars of 2015, continues to warm our hearts and our bellies in 2016. At the helm is Ivy Mix, winner of the Tales of the Cocktails’ Best Bartender in America Award. She brings a unique twist to each cocktail she creates, and the Double Negus is no exception. This hot cocktail ($11) will help dash away winter woes.