Diane Kruger Hits the Road in ‘Sky,’ a Hit-or-Miss Drama With Some Real Pleasures


Fabienne Berthaud’s Sky is a road movie that never quite makes the right turns.

French national Romy (Diane Kruger) is on a vacation in the American Southwest with her boorish, philandering husband of eight years, Richard (Gilles Lellouche). After he attempts to rape her, Romy bashes him over the head with a lamp and hits the road on her own.

Not unlike a traveler making it up as it goes along, Sky keeps shifting gears from there: It flirts with being a crime movie in the aftermath of the Richard incident (including Joshua Jackson making an all-too-brief cameo as a sympathetic cop) and then rests for a spell in Las Vegas, where Romy is befriended by veteran showgirl Charlene (Laurene Landon).

That relationship has the potential to be the film’s most interesting, but it ends abruptly so that Romy can pursue hunky Vegas sex-tourist Diego (Norman Reedus at his most mumbly, which is saying a lot), though that subplot does give us the joy of watching Lena Dunham chew the scenery as his fertile but dentally challenged sister-in-law. (It’s the little things.)

A note to whoever made the primary image on the film’s poster an unflattering close-up of Kruger’s face in the garish makeup and wig she briefly wears in Las Vegas: That was a bad decision, and you should feel bad.

Directed by Fabienne Berthaud
IFC Films
Opens April 15, IFC Center