Best Mainstream Multiplex


No, we really can’t believe it either. For years, the Village 7 has been a symbol of how quickly this city can turn what was once shiny and new into a steaming pile of disrepair. But since a 2015 renovation, this theater is one of only a couple of multiplexes in the city with giant, comfy recliners and reserved seating in every auditorium, with much-improved projection and sound. (The other is the AMC 84th Street, which was also a total pit until recently.) Even the dodgily designed bathrooms have been fixed and improved. More renovations are on the horizon: The oft-empty Regal Battery Park, for example, has had half of its auditoriums revamped, with the rest currently closed for renovation. (Expect it to make a run for this category next year.) The IMAX screen at AMC Lincoln Square is also under construction. Within a couple of years, many of New York’s weathered, musty gigaplexes might actually be pleasant places to see a movie. For a little while, at least. Bilge Ebiri

66 Third Avenue (at 11th Street), Manhattan