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Self-Made Millionaire Kamil Misztal Shares His Journey Through Adversity


To grow as a person, you’ll first have to face numerous obstacles and overcome them. Then, once you’ve learned from your experiences, you’ll be able to do better and reach your goals. In Kamil Misztal’s case, he courageously faced numerous adversities along his journey and focused on solving them. Today, he’s a self-made millionaire and an icon of inspiration to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

At the young age of 8, Kamil already learned about the struggles of life. He moved with his family from Krasnik, Poland to the United States, without any support or enough money for the basics. Even worse, his parents had a hard time finding a job because they were immigrants. Kamil knew at that point in his life that this wasn’t the future he wanted and that whatever it takes, he would turn things around.

By the time he was 13, he had focused his efforts on getting a job to help his family with their financial needs. Among the limited options, grocery stores and car detailing shops were what he chose to work on for about four years. Within that time frame, Kamil saved up as much money as possible to get a better-paying job.

It was then that he bought his very first business, a car detailing shop when he was 17 years old. However, he knew that he could dream bigger. Instead of settling for his current lifestyle, he saved up just enough, sold his shop, and started a trucking company. For years, the business performed well, and he was even able to hire drivers. At the age of 27, Kamil decided to pursue another venture.

Together with his business partner, he opened an exotic car rental company in Florida. However, he realized that the location was quite far from his home, so he soon moved the business to Chicago. Through this, he has formed connections with many people and became more experienced in entrepreneurship.

In 2017, Kamil met a client who introduced him to Bitcoin. This peaked his interest in digital currencies, stocks, and crypto trading. With his client’s help, he was able to get started with these investments and it paid off well. Today, he’s also an owner of a successful THC/CBD brand, where he gets to work with numerous rappers and social media influencers.

If Kamil were to be asked about how he grew his net worth to $15 million, he credits it to his consistency and risk-taking mindset. If not for these talents, he won’t be nearly as successful as he is now. His courage to take on every opportunity and challenge allowed him to gain experience and grow as an entrepreneur.

Whenever Kamil faces losses, he doesn’t back down. Instead of lingering on the what-ifs and what he could have done better, he looks forward. With this mindset, he overcame one adversity after the another and made his way to the top of his career.