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Jonathan Campau Speaks Out:  Three Pillars of Success in Short-Term Luxury Property Rentals


What do people want when they dream about success – and how do they achieve it? The most important thing anyone can do is find the key things that will help make those dreams become reality.  The extremely successful people in the world replicate their success every day by employing the same practices and strategies to manage their work activities – no matter what the endeavor.

Real estate entrepreneur Jonathan Campau outlines the blueprint he has used to help guide the story of Luxuri Management, a luxury short-term rental management company based in Miami.  Campau said the three pillars that define the foundation of his company include consumer experience, profitability, and integrity.

First and foremost, shared Campau, is your integrity and that of the people you surround yourself with.  You need to be honest with your team and your clients about who you are, what you want, and how you treat people.  Quite simply, he says it boils down to treating people fairly, not being afraid to say no if there is something you truly can’t provide, and not apologizing for doing the right thing.

The 35-year-old entrepreneur quit his 9-5 job at a prestigious Fortune 500 investment firm in Kansas City, set his goals, and jumped into the viciously competitive Miami real estate market in 2016. Since then, Jonathan Campau hasn’t looked back, and now has over 200 rental properties in multiple markets that include Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Aspen and Greece.   He credits his “why,” or purpose, for keeping the company laser-focused during the pandemic to overcome adversity and mitigate risks.  Campau said it’s also important for you and your team to always celebrate the small steps of success along your journey.

Throughout the last 5 years, he and the Luxuri team have spent extensive time building relationships with wealthy homeowners, cultivating dialogue with social media influencers, and developing an A-List clientele.  Selling yourself, your vision, and your product isn’t easy.  Campau says building relationships with the right people in the right way while sharing the right message is a critical piece to the luxury short-term rental game.

Following in the footsteps of successful entrepreneurs and learning from their experience is one of the first steps to transforming your dreams into reality.  Utilizing the principles from Campau’s three pillars of success can help guide your daily workflow and will set the course for your future success.

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