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Dustin Corieri’s Years in the Nightlife Industry Are Just the Beginning


Over the years, nightclub culture has dramatically evolved, part of which is a result of technological advances. Promoting an event has become easier with social media and other platforms. Advanced LED technology has also made nightlife more enticing and fun.

Dustin Corieri’s family has survived through all the changes, building their company, Evening Entertainment Group, into an industry leader. For the past 25+ years, Evening Entertainment Group has transformed the party scene and helped people make memorable moments. By serving as the face of EEG, Dustin is taking the nightlife industry by storm.

Dustin is a nightlife personality and networking master. Since joining the Evening Entertainment Group, Dustin has helped his family company open a number of clubs across different states. Currently, EEG has 18 party bars/restaurants open, and plans are underway to launch their newest project.

According to Dustin, EEG is working to open a Bottled Blonde bar in Wynwood. This will be the fourth of the Bottled Blonde project, as they already have three running in Houston, Dallas, and Scottsdale. Dustin adds that besides Bottle Blonde, in December, they are set to open Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails, Casa Amigos, Skylanes, Bevvy, Sandbar, and RNR in Miami and Dallas.

Having been in the industry for many years, Dustin has established a rich network that has enabled him to cement his spot as a nightlife personality. As he travels from city to city exploring the nightclub scene, Dustin also gets the opportunity to rub shoulders with different people. He has met and become friends with athletes, celebrities, and influencers from all over the country. His experience and strong social media presence give him an upper hand in the highly competitive space.

Dustin says one thing that he has learned is the importance of being yourself. When you are true to yourself, it becomes even easier for other people to identify with you. He adds, “You attract the energy that you give off. If your attitude towards someone or something is positive, you have a higher chance of connecting and vice versa.”

At the start of his career and when he was moving to different cities scouting perfect locations, Dustin faced a significant challenge trying to settle in and find the best place. Dustin had a big task ahead of him, which impacted both him and his parents. He says by staying true to himself, working hard, and being consistent, he was able to cement his spot even in new markets.

Today, EGG has the best and most popular bars, and his parents are known as the “Godparents” of the Scottsdale party scene. Dustin is also making a name for himself in the Miami nightlife scene and beyond. Together they aspire to grow EGG into something more incredible in the coming years and bring nightlife to every city. Looking at how far he has come since opening his first bar outside of Scottsdale, Dustin is amazed by the progress. He says this also shows him that he can do much more and help people create priceless memories. His years in the industry are just the beginning of something greater.

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