From eSports to the Metaverse and Beyond, Alpacadabraz Has Big Plans


The Metaverse and NFT industries are taking the digital currency world by storm. From investors to art lovers, everyone wants to be a part of this creative world that the blockchain has introduced. With some big brands and notable names venturing into this space recently, the metaverse is already creating a massive hype. However, with the increasing number of projects in the NFT space, creativity is becoming saturated. This is where Alpacadabraz has stepped in to introduce a whole virtual world of immersive experience that has games, 3D characters, and most importantly innovative ways to earn money.

Alpacadabraz is a new metaverse project in the NFT space that is bringing a world of unique 3D characters along with an e-sports experience to the users. The minting of the project started in October 2021 and it is already trending in the NFT space taking the base price of 0,069 ETH to a rise of over 20 times. Alpacadabraz dropped with a genesis collection of 9669 pixelated alpacas. Created by the professional pixel artist Chuckchee, each character has a unique creative aspect to it.

Within a few months, the community of Alpacadabraz has grown incredibly taking the trading volume to staggering 8-figures. The team working behind this project has brainstormed several immersive and engaging experiences for the members and users like community events, 3D Alpacadabraz airdrop, giveaways, and upcoming launches for Sandbox integration. The project chose to integrate with Sandbox because of its proven track record in the metaverse space that quite effortlessly syncs with the principle behind creating 3D Alpacadabraz.

The Alpacadabraz team has been a trailblazer in the NFT industry with their smart contract policy that was created using a Merkle Tree. This was developed from scratch to enable large whitelists without being super expensive in gas. 3D Alpacadabraz was airdropped to genesis holders. The 10,300 3D Pacas that were integrated with Sandbox gameplay were fully sold out through a Dutch auction. It is also the first NFT project to introduce a ready-to-play esports game on the Sandbox.

The team has already partnered with the best metaverse creators to introduce the future of esports. Alpacadabraz esports will have competitive games, tournaments, and leagues with chances to win prize money. From racing games to shooting games, Alpacadabraz will bring live audiences to the virtual stadium to make the experience more real and engaging. no more live streaming for Alpacadabraz exports because people can watch it directly.

Alpacadabraz will soon launch its 3D Alpacas in the PacaVerse, bringing a world of benefits to the genesis holders. The amazing 3D characters will be playable avatars on the Sandbox land. Owners can mount them, play games, and even socialize with virtual Alpacas in the PacaVerse. Alpaca owners will get direct access to play and earn options and these characters can be minted or staked to win and earn $Sand.

For all the future developments of this project, the first collection that is genesis holders will always be the focus. so, they will be at a benefit in several ways as the project progresses. Each genesis Alpaca will be automatically linked to a corresponding biped Avatar that is modeled after the official Sandbox Avatar template. These avatars will be bridged from the genesis Alpacadabraz collection and reflect the traits of genesis Alpacas.

Alpacadabraz has more in store for the future with a clear roadmap to success. The project has nearly six games and 18 lands that are in the development stage. With this commendable progress, it is only a matter of time to see Alpacadabraz emerging as a bluechip NFT in the coming years.