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16-Year-Old Entrepreneur Charlie Swartz Builds an Online Empire


Starting and building a successful business is not easy. There are many obstacles, from lack of capital to self-doubt, that often bring about a lot of failure, making it difficult to reach your goals. However, as Charlie Swartz shows, no dream is too hard to achieve if you put your mind to it.

At just 16 years old, Charlie has built a successful online empire by leveraging his skills to redefine the entrepreneurial space. Charlie is the founder of MelonSMP, a video gaming network that helps players by elevating the gaming experience and creating a solid community of online gamers.

MelonSMP is currently ranked within the top 1% of Minecraft networks and has the best SMP network for Bedrock and Java players. Their innovative techniques have enabled them to solidify their spot in the industry, offering Bedrock edition support.

Having been in the gaming industry for years, the experience Charlie has gained sets him apart, allowing him to fulfill his goals. In his words, “I aim to use MelonSMP to bring change to the gaming community and make it more fun and exciting.” As a young person, Charlie also uses this opportunity to encourage other young people and show everyone that nothing is impossible.

“While not everything will work according to how you planned, you should not let that stop you from reaching your goals,” says Charlie. He notes that there is always a chance to try again, and you shouldn’t let failure define you.

According to Charlie, one of his biggest challenges so far has been failure. He explains that as someone without much experience running a business, it has been hard, and he has made some mistakes. Due to his young age, many people tend to look down on him, making it even more challenging for him to establish his brand in the industry.

However, he has not let any of that stop him. He notes that he has been able to achieve his success today through failure and using the many obstacles as stepping stones. Rather than focusing on the negative impact, Charlie uses the lessons learned to expand his online business and avoid making similar mistakes as he redefines the gaming community.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to go for it, noting that you will never know what’s on the other side unless you take that first step. Charlie also stresses the importance of pursuing something you are passionate about and working smart. “Hard work is an essential ingredient for success, and unless you are willing and ready to fight for your ideas, it will always seem impossible to reach your goals,” says Charlie.

“In any business, failure is inevitable, and you shouldn’t let it slow you down,” says Charlie. He explains that what’s important is how you handle the failure and how you use that experience to help you get to your dreams.

While it started as a young kid playing online games, Charlie has built a successful venture out of his passion and is now changing the gaming industry and the NFT/crypto spaces. His journey to the top proves that age shouldn’t stop you from making your dreams a reality.