Mintra: Buy, Sell, Upload, Create NFTs | Stake MINT, Earn PLS


The rising popularity of NFT collections is undoubtedly taking over the crypto market cycles in the world today. Many social media users, including artists, are discovering the NFTs’ potential and are investing heavily in this unconventional market. Although NFTs have been in existence for years, they didn’t attract much attention until two years ago. Most dealers and inventors have discovered the great potential in NFT collections and the financial power they attach to their works. The digital assets are paving the way for artists to be rewarded for their work and contributions to society.

Mintra is an NFT Marketplace for PulseChain invented by the Mintra team. The team comprises four members; Dark Lead – the developer; Gerardo, in charge of tokenomics/content marketing; Rodgers – the team manager/site manager/community; and PJ, who acts as a project manager. The team has come up with a common goal of becoming the game changers in the crypto world.

The Mintra team believes in a green sustainable future for the blockchains. NFTs have been commonly minted on Ethereum, a network with large energy footprints, but they pride themselves in bringing a permanent solution to the marketplace. They have already launched on PulseChain, and the artists, traders, and other users are now staking their coins and trading on PulseX.

Mintra NFT Marketplace is the most rewarding platform to trade; nobody can beat their cheaper fees. They only yield 1% of all the trading volume as $PLS rewards for $MINT stakes. In addition, they offer $MINT in staking. The artists, traders, and other users are entitled to $PLS rewards generated from the trading volume and don’t include hard time locks, drawbacks, or extra fees. The artists merely pay a PulseChain network fee to stake, unstake, and claim the $PLS rewards.

The Mintra team was positively inspired by Richard Heart, the founder of the distinctive and innovative HEX cryptocurrency, and after numerous deep interactions with the guru, Mintra was born. One of the core reasons behind Mintra Software’s launch is to create a better home for traders, NFT artists, and other users. Mintra is all about building a green sustainable future, funding the real world through blockchain, and accelerating the adoption of PulseChain (Ethereum fork).

“We are proud to have raised over $10M for the green blockchain future, all the way from 3,000 independent wallets,” shares the Mintra Software team.

Nevertheless, their journey to the top has not been without obstacles. The Mintra team met a handful of drawbacks along the way, but their zeal to realize their dream did not allow them to give up. Some people questioned their intentions and integrity when they started the marketing platform, but they remained focused and committed to achieving their dream. They have been building the project, consistently rolling out updates, growing the community, and proving their good intentions.

The team aspires to bring awareness about their upcoming Mintra summer/fall launch and help get verified across multiple socials. Besides, these innovative developers are looking forward to Mintra Software becoming the premiere NFT marketplace on PulseChain in the next couple of years. They also anticipate having gained thousands of users and millions of dollars in volume daily.

“If you see an underserved, profitable niche in the market that you can help serve, do it,” the Mintra team concludes.