Is Crypto Here to Stay? Matteo Zago Reveals Web3 Secrets


In recent years, we have witnessed massive growth in the crypto world. Other new digital currencies such as Ethereum and Dogecoin have sprung up, threatening to overthrow Bitcoin as the largest crypto. Other cryptos have also taken center stage, with millions of investors pumping their money into the industry. At the same time, cryptocurrencies have also attracted speculations, with some investors questioning the viability of these currencies. Everyone wants to understand the longevity of these digital coins from a practical perspective and investment angle.

However, the development of Web3 seems to shed more light on the viability of the crypto world. By 2021, many global venture capitalists had invested close to $30 billion in various Web3 start-ups and cryptos.

Though he admits that the crypto world has been a controversial market, Matteo Zago, a renowned Web3 pioneer and investor, believes that this attitude is changing for the better. The widespread negativity and distrust are swiftly fading away as the global financial industry digitizes. In addition, Matteo views Web3 as a revolutionary technology that will significantly boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies with its distributed decentralized blockchain.

With vast Web3 knowledge and expertise, Matteo was ranked as a best-selling author in marketing topics by Amazon in 2014 for The Facebook Bible and The Twitter Marketing Guide. Also, in the early days of the cryptocurrency rise, Matteo was the first to map out the term “Web 3.0” and characterize the blockchain technology with it. He first mentioned it in one of his most famous articles about the importance of “Web3,” which was revolutionary and has gained wide publicity and was used as a reference by many journals, including Crunchbase.

According to Matteo, the main attraction of Web3 is its significance, relevance, and adaptability to potential future technologies. Essentially, Web3 uses decentralized networks to enable better personalization and faster user experiences. The Semantic Web, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are some of the major technologies supporting the development of Web3. In addition, Web3 use cases demonstrate how cryptographic security is integrated with Web3 to improve user data security.

Matteo emphasizes the need for others to understand and appreciate that Web3 provides you with unprecedented control over your digital assets. It’s authentic ownership and no one, including developers, has the authority to take your possession away. You also have the freedom to trade NFTs, including other in-game assets, on the open market to recuperate their worth if you want to.

“I’ve actually been developing my five-year plan recently. Considering the current status-quo of world economics and the global recession that we might face soon, why not use it to your own advantage? The Chinese word for ‘crisis’ is composed of 2 characters: one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity—then let’s use this opportunity,” says Matteo.

To Matteo, Web3 is another great opportunity to adopt projects with huge potential earlier than others. He envisions himself continuing to invest in the sector with a dream of reaching more significant milestones.