STDcheck Reviews – Is STDcheck Legit?

Here is an in-depth review of Is legit? Yes, STD Check is a legitimate company with an A+ BBB rating. There are over 5000 mostly positive reviews and testimonials on their site from customers that were looking for fast, reliable std testing from a trustworthy company. With a network of over 4,500 testing centers across the US, they offer discreet, and private online/local std testing with fast results.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, reports that there are nearly 20 million sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases every year and this is the sixth year in a row the number has increased.

One issue with STDs is there are not always symptoms at first, so a lot of people don’t even know they are infected. The CDC claims that screening for STDs is essential, to stop their rapid spread. Screening is also the first step to getting the issue treated.

One major player in changing the way STDs are checked for is STDcheck. This service allows for a more convenient service along with the ability to process and access test results from the comfort of your own home while the actual test is done in a certified local lab.

We have researched the services offered by STDcheck and the following unbiased review will explain more about the convenience, reliability, privacy, and value you can expect.


  • This is the most discreet way to test for sexually transmitted diseases (you don’t even have to give your name)
  • 99% accuracy rate
  • Every test is FDA-approved and every lab is CLIA certified
  • Speedy turnaround times (same day testing available) and impressive customer support
  • HAS and FSA payment cards accepted
  • HIV RNA early detection test is offered by STDcheck
  • More than 4500 testing centers all over the country, so you shouldn’t have to travel far


  • Only available in the US presently

The Bottom Line 

If cost-effectiveness, discretion, safety, and convenience are important to you, and you want a test administered in a professional lab, STDcheck is the perfect solution. Because STDcheck is a great choice for in-lab testing and a real industry leader, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

How Does Work? 

STDcheck is a testing company allows you to choose whichever test you want from an STD test selection, whenever you want and from the privacy and comfort of your own home. After ordering the test and getting it in a local lab, you will review your results at home and (if needed) see a doctor for the right treatment. These are the steps to follow to use the services:

  1. Order the STD Test You Need 

Head to the website and choose the test packages or individual tests you need. Another option is to phone them and ask which tests are recommended for you. Every test is FDA approved. Next pay for the tests you want. If you don’t have the money right now you can click ‘pay later’ (although you will need to pay before receiving the test results).

Which tests should you order? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Select the Test Center

Find a test center using the STDcheck website which is convenient for you to go to. Simply put in your zip code or allow GPS access so the website can locate your area.

The website match system will display a list of the closest testing centers to your location. There is a total of 4500 testing centers and most are open during standard business hours from Monday to Friday. Some open on Saturdays. Choose whichever test center is the most convenient.

After this, you will be asked to give optional personal information, such as name, date of birth, gender, method of payment, and how you prefer to get your test results. Next you will get a personal test code which you need to keep on record so write it down.

  1. Go to the Test Center

Go to whichever lab you prefer. You don’t have to wait around or make an appointment. You don’t even have to fill out paperwork. Just show up, get your tests done and leave. You will probably only be in there for 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to bring the personal test code with you, else the lab won’t know which results are yours. Also bear in mind payments must be made online. You can’t pay at the test center.

  1. Get Your Results

It should take a maximum of 2 working days to receive your results from STDcheck, although most users can expect their results in under 24 hours, which is one of the quickest turnaround times available.

Choose either email or text message to receive the results. Another option is to request that you call in to get your results, which is convenient if you have a shared email address or phone number.

If you have questions at any point during the process you can call the Care Advisors on 1-800-456-2323.

  1. See a Doctor (for Free) if You Have a Positive Result

If you get a positive test result you can call and schedule a consultation with an STDcheck doctor. This consultation will be free of charge. The doctor will be able to advise you about recommended next steps and, if appropriate, prescribe a medication for your STD.

If you need a medication, the prescription will be forwarded to your local pharmacy for an extra fee. Sometimes the doctor will refer you to a specialist for further care.

  1. Send out Anonymous Notifications (Optional)

Another feature that STDcheck offers is the ability to send out anonymous notification(s) to your partner(s) informing them about the positive result, so they can take a test if they want. This will be 100% anonymous.

What Tests are Available

STDcheck offers a range of tests for various STDs, including the following:

  • HIV I and II
  • HIV RNA Early Detection
  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes I and II
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis A, B and C

STDcheck gives you the choice of which test(s) you wish to take. You can customize the tests you want. It is only necessary to go to the testing center ones, regardless of how many tests you want to get.

If you think you might have been exposed to an STD or you have symptoms of a specific one, you can make use of this ‘a la carte’ type of testing. If you aren’t sure what kind of STD you might have, you might want to buy a package of tests, such as the 10 Test Panel at $139 which is one test for 10 different STDs.

Some of the reasons the 10 Test Panel is recommended include:

  • Save around 170% by purchasing an all-inclusive package instead of individual tests. Testing for these 10 STDs individually would cost $497 but opting for the 10 Test Panel is just $139.
  • The tests have been designed by physicians in order to test for the most common viral and bacterial STDs all at once.
  • Sexually transmitted disease infections typically occur in clusters rather than isolated cases. If you receive a positive test for one STD there is a higher chance of having more than just one. Actually the bodily stress and inflammation some infections can cause can increase the chances of you being infected with another STD at the same time. Even if you are mainly concerned about one specific STD it is worth testing for others at the same time for your peace of mind.

This is why the 10 Panel Test will suit most people best.


Is STDcheck Anonymous? 

Yes it is. STDcheck has designed its services with your anonymity and privacy in mind and completely respects your privacy. Nobody else will know you used the service.

  • No Health Insurance Required: Health insurance is not accepted by STDcheck which means your testing won’t be reported to your insurance company. Neither will anything appear in your medical records.
  • Your Data is Fully Protected: 128-bit SSL encryption and the HL-7 interface are used to protect your information and data.
  • Nothing STD-Related on Payment Records: Any charges or payments will appear as ‘’ which offers many tests, not just STD testing. Nothing on your payment records will show anything STD-related.
  • All STDcheck Partners have the Same Standards: The company partners with respectful entities only. This means that by law every health professional or lab involved in your testing will adhere to the same high standards to keep your tests private and protect all your information.
  • Notifications are Sent Anonymously: STDcheck allows you to send out a completely anonymous and untraceable message to prior sexual partners recommending they also get tested, if your test comes back positive. The message will come from STDcheck, not you, and is totally anonymous. The sexual partner(s) will not know your identify.
  • Notifications Come from Any message you receive from STDcheck will show as the sender. You will not receive text messages or phone calls until you first approve them to do so. 

STD Check – Reviews and Testimonials From Customers

Below are some STDcheck customer reviews from the Trustpilot site:

STD Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about testing for STDs:

Do I need any exam or a prescription from my doctor to get the test?

No. All you have to do is order the test(s) you want to have.

If I am worried about recent sexual activity, when is it best to get tested? 

There is no time like right now if it has been a while. If you have any symptoms such as strange bumps or rashes, pain during urination, discharge, or unexplained pain, we recommend getting tested as soon as you can. Different STDs have different window periods and incubation periods:

  • Window Period: The time immediately after infection during which time a tests could give you a false negative for an STD
  • Incubation Period: The time between first getting infected and when you experience the first symptoms

As you can see, these periods are different because you can be infected with no symptoms but a test will show you have an STD. The best STD tests use shorter window periods than older tests.

It is important to be aware of the different STD testing window periods so you can be properly tested and not get a false result.

STDcheck will be able to inform you of the window period for specific sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are both detectable via a test after 7 days, for example, so use protection to be safe but get tested often and comprehensively as well.

If you do have any concerns about your sexual health, there is no time like the present to get a test. It is recommended that you test as soon as possible and also re-test later, so remember if you are at risk for one disease you are likely to be more at rest from others.

Should I get retested after getting a positive result?

If and when you retest depends on which sexually transmitted disease you have. Your consulting doctor will be able to offer you the best advice on retesting and it also depends on the incubation period for the STD in question.

Is It Possible to Have More than One STD at a Time?

Some infections, such as syphilis and herpes to name just two, can increase your susceptibility for other STDs at the same time. This is a good reason to test for more than one STD at a time.

How Often Should I Get Tested?

You should re-test in the future after treatment if you tested positive for some STDs. It’s a good idea for everyone to get a rest routinely although the ‘bare minimum’ is different depending on your exposures and practices.

According to the CDC, everyone who is sexually active should get tested a minimum of once per year. You might need more frequent tests depending on your type and level of activity.

If you have noticed anything strange such as lumps, bumps, discharge, or pain, it is a good idea to get an immediate test instead of waiting for routine testing.

It is never a bad idea to get tested more often. Even monogamous couples should have at least one annual test to check they are healthy. It is best to err on the side of caution when considering an STD test.

Could I catch the same STD again in future even if I get treatment now?

Successful treatment means your current infection is cured, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the same infection in the future. Remember to always finish your STD treatment (even if your symptoms seem to be gone) else you might find it hard to get rid of your original infection.

Finally, make sure you retest after treatment at the recommended time, with herpes, HIV and hepatitis A and B being exceptions, to confirm you are free from the STD.

In-Office Tests vs At-Home Tests

We reviewed a number of health testing companies and found that STDcheck was the best choice if you want in-office testing, for various reasons:

  • You can order the test(s) you want from the privacy and convenience of your own home
  • You don’t have to collect your own specimen – leave it to the experts at the lab
  • Lab testing is undertaken in a controlled environment – nothing has to go via the mail
  • Every STDcheck lab is certified for high quality standards
  • Expect speedy results – your local lab will give you a unique test code and then it’s only a day or so until you have your results

The above facts give customers additional peace of mind and take away any doubts about the test results. If you don’t want to administer your own at-home test, STDcheck gives you a convenient, easy and fast way to get it done in a lab setting.

STD testing is serious business and a professional in-office test is certainly the way to go for most people.

At-home testing is an option for some people however, if you don’t agree that the above in-office testing reasons describe you. These are some reasons why at-home testing might suit you better:

  • Whether administered by lab technicians or self-administered at home, the tests are the same
  • Labs are certified for quality and accuracy and held to high standards
  • You will be guided every step of the way in sample collection by at-home testing companies and at-home sample collection is typically painless and easy
  • The packages that are shipped using the mail are safe and discreet. There is no risk of in-transit contamination and nothing in the package that could reveal the nature of the test to anyone
  • You have one less trip if you test at home, since you don’t have to go to a lab
  • STDcheck has 4500 partering labs but it’s still easier for some people (such as those in remote locations) to use an at-home sample collection kit

To round up, at-home testing and in-lab testing are both accurate and both can be convenient. Another option is at-home STD testing. One drawback with at home test kits are the fact that it will take longer to get the results, since the samples have to be taken by you, then mailed off to a lab before you can know the results. Because at-home testing might be something you have no experience with and many of us are not so comfortable when doing something as imported for STDs, an in-lab check from STDcheck could be the right choice for you. Perhaps you have questions about how legitimate the results will be or if you aren’t confident about taking your own sample at home, let STDcheck help you easily and speedily.


STDcheck is fully committed to your anonymity and privacy protection. The test results are only accessible by you. The requirements and privacy standards of STDcheck are based on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA, and uses these same protocols for their data storage and web security protocols.

You don’t even have to provide a name to STDcheck when you have testing. The lab workers there when you visit won’t know anything about the nature of the test you are doing since these labs give all kinds of tests for all kinds of health conditions.

If you call the customer helpdesk at a later date with any questions, they will not know what test(s) you took. No health insurance is involved either so absolutely nobody is going to know anything about your tests unless you yourself choose to share.

We find that STDcheck is the most private and discreet route you can choose for STD testing.

FSA, HSA and Health Insurance

STDcheck does accept HSA and FSA payment cards. If you want to use one, choose the product and then proceed to the checkout where you will be able to enter your HSA or FSA card number just like if using a normal credit card.

There are various regulations attached to different cards so there is no guarantee your card is going to be accepted. If you are having problems using your HSA or FSA card, STDcheck has an email address on the website that you can message for advice.

STDcheck doesn’t accept payment from health insurance providers though. Although this might not sound like a good thing, it does mean a better level of privacy for you since the test information and results won’t appear on your medical records or get shared with your health insurance provider.


Is STDcheck Reliable and Legitimate? 

Yes this company is both reliable and legitimate, and a solid option if you need STD testing. They use certified labs to produce trusted results as well as the best testing methodologies. STDcheck offers discreet access to test for a wide range of STDs, helping everyone stay healthier and safer.

Your privacy is completely protected throughout the process and your information is never sold. STDcheck obeys HIPAA regulations which keep your health information protected by law.

You can trust in STDcheck for fast, easy and convenient STD testing every time.  Click the banner below to visit the website:

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