Latin Heritage Picks: ‘Love and Rockets,’ ‘This Fool,’ and ‘Art Laboe’

Jaime Hernandez’s characters—Maggie, Hopey, and Izzy—are “simply the coolest chicas ever.”


With Hispanic Heritage Month coming to a close on October 15, Lina Lecaro points out that “sanctioned months, weeks, and days spotlighting movements and identities are meant as reminders to the masses that we all have our struggles and stories, but of course, we should strive to support them all year long.” She starts off her picks spotlighting Latin expression with KCET’s culture series ARTBOUND, in particular, the episode delving into Love and Rockets comic books: “Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s bold and beautiful art and words spoke to a lot of young Latin people in L.A., in particular those of us who gravitated toward punk music and fashion, even as we had pride in the old school aesthetics and history of our heritage.”

She also notes that the Hulu comedy This Fool, has more than a few Love and Rockets refs, and the show “is one of the most true to life depictions of Latin neighborhoods, families and interactions we’ve ever seen on television.” Lecaro rounds out her column with a remembrance of Art Laboe: ” The DJ, best known for his dedications and ‘oldies’ playlists favored by cruisers, gangsters, and Angelino elders, was a legend.”

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