3 Good Things: City Island, Fish Sauce, Fino


This fun tour of the seafood offerings on City Island, that hard-to-reach enclave of the Bronx (featured a few years back in an excellent film of the same name). Check out the frozen piña coladas from Johnny’s and the baskets of fried clam bellies (one of my favorite summertime snacks). [Gothamist]

Two love letters to Asian-American food. One piece dubs a crew of all-male chefs the A-Funk Collective, which sounds like a boy band from the 90s. The other teases us with a look at the country’s most exciting new Asian restaurants and dishes, and offers a quick pantry guide. [Time; Details]

Sherry! Eric Asimov is back from a trip to Andalucía and writing up a storm about fresh, dry fino. Here he explains why fino can have both a fragile, delicate texture and a high alcohol content. [Diner’s Journal]