A Guy Fieri Restaurant Is Indeed Coming to NYC… Docking, Then Sailing Away


For all his lack of finesse and subtlety, either when it comes to dressing, coiffing himself, or simply addressing his many fans, it appears that Guy Fieri very smoothly pulled one over on all of us at this weekend’s NYC Wine & Food Festival.

That restaurant of his that he said might be “coming to this island“? It’s a chain of Guy Fieri-branded burger joints on Carnival cruise ships. In other words, Guy’s Burger Joint will indeed sail into Manhattan, dock, then sail away — probably regularly. According to USA Today, the seaborne burger joints will be “modeled after roadside burger restaurants along California’s coast.” They will be located near pool areas and serve five signature burgers, as well as hand-cut fries with a variety of dipping sauces, at no extra cost to passengers. And here’s another nice touch: “Servers will wear old-fashioned mechanic uniforms featuring their personalized nicknames.”

Expect Guy’s Burger Joints to launch on Carnival ships over the next few years, starting later this month on the Carnival Liberty.