Writer-director Christoffer Boe takes himself very, very seriously. Me, not so much: I might have cottoned to Allegro, his chilly pomo tearjerker, if it hadn’t been shot like an episode of 24. Unmotivated jitters and flash-zooms abound, needlessly complicating a flagrantly elaborate premise. Zetterstrom (Ulrich Thomsen), a melancholy piano prodigy (is there any other kind?), is so, like, damaged that he sabotages his chance for love with the lovely Andrea (Helena Christensen). Naturally, he locks his memories away in a box (as represented by some scratchy animation); pretentiously, the consequences are metaphysical and monstrously metaphorical! With the help of a smug narrator (Henning Moritzen) and tricky mise-en-scéne, Zetterstrom ventures into the Zone, an enigmatic region that springs up in the heart of Copenhagen, to retrieve his memories. This movie was annoying enough when Michel Gondry made it.