‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’ Is Welcome Proof That They Can Still Make Romantic Comedies


Many filmmakers have tried in recent years, but few have nailed the elusive formula of the two-hander romantic comedy quite like Emily Ting with Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.

Ruby (Jamie Chung) is a Los Angeleno who, lost on her first visit to the title city, reluctantly enlists the help of the hunky Josh (Bryan Greenberg), a New York native who’s lived in Hong Kong for ten years.

In spite of the fact that it takes place throughout such a shiny, busy city over two nights spread out over a year, the picture doesn’t burden itself with extraneous plot or incident (cf. Night Owls). The focus instead is on characters in the moment as they get to know each other and slowly reveal (or choose not to reveal) crucial details such as their current relationship statuses.

Chung and Greenberg have chemistry, and it’s significant that the Chinese-American Ruby remains the p.o.v. character, one of many stereotypes the picture addresses and subverts. Most importantly, even though you can’t help but want to spend more time with these crazy kids, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong ends at exactly the right moment — or the worst possible moment, depending on your point of view.

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

Directed by Emily Ting

Gravitas Ventures

Opens February 12, Village East Cinema