Anthony Weiner Mocked in Al Qaeda Magazine as ‘An Angry Weiner Head’


The disgraced sexting congressman has not yet outrun the punchlines, however tired they may be, and likely never will with that name of his. The new issue of the Al Qaeda online magazine Inspire features a full-page fake ad teasing the one-time tough-talking Anthony Weiner, who targeted Al Qaeda YouTube videos as a member of the House of Representatives. “An angry Weiner head,” reads the banner above a photo of a “feisty Weiner,” in the words of the New York Daily News. The page was “brought to you by a Cold Diss.” Haha, get it? (Maybe the magazine is still finding its voice, especially in the humor section.) But it’s the Daily News that gets to the heart of the issue with a poll on their website: “Is okay for groups to continue poking fun at Anthony Weiner?” As of this writing, 2% of people have voted “I’m not sure.” (Update: Check out the page after the jump!) [NYDN]