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Best Casual Pants for Men Without Ass


When it comes to menswear, the soft and columnar among us are at a distinct disadvantage. The mode seems to use Chris Hemsworth as a template: pants cut for tree-trunk thighs, shirts with a lot of room in the front and tapered in V’s so severe as to be pornographic. Thankfully, the unremarkably proportioned may find refuge at the Muji on Cooper Square. The Japan-based fast-fashion and home goods store favors a palette of muted colors — everything from the duvets to the $5 sock sets tends to come in Easter egg pastels and hues one typically finds under rocks. But Muji’s understated styles make a virtue out of ordinariness: The oxfords, for example, flatter pointy, chicken-bone shoulders with clean lines and subdued patterns; the chinos, other stores’ versions of which mercilessly emphasize the wearer’s unused gym membership, do the opposite, reliably leavening even the pancakiest of butts. Cheap and simple, these are pants for the people. Let he who is without delts or donk rejoice. 

52 Cooper Square, Manhattan