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Best Eileen Fisher Alternative for Vaguely Creative Types


In last season’s Girls finale, Lena Dunham’s character needs an outfit for the Moth Story Slam and goes shopping with her mom, at, of all places, Eileen Fisher, that purveyor of elegant but sensible clothing in natural fibers and earth tones reserved for women of middle age (and older) and prudent tastes. For those whose sartorial choices skew unfussy and flowing but who aren’t quite ready to go full formless-sack-dress, there’s Loup Charmant, a Brooklyn-based label established in 2006 by self-professed beach lover Kee Edwards that offers feminine separates and intimates made of all-natural cotton and other organic fabrics. From flirty bralettes, bloomers, camisoles, and slips to diaphanous beach cover-ups, dresses, and tops, Loup Charmant has everything you need to drape yourself like a waifish nymph. Though the pieces certainly veer into middle-age-minimalist territory, there’s something sexy and effortless about the simple, generous silhouettes, coy necklines, and subdued color palette, even if the brand’s name — French for “charming wolf” — makes you roll your eyes a bit. 

304 Henry Street, Brooklyn