Billy Crystal: “I Turned Down Toy Story!”


Billy Crystal has a new movie called Parental Guidance, which I’m sure he’s happy about, but because of bad management guidance, he’s not part of one of the biggest franchises of all time.

“I’m the dope who turned down Toy Story,” Crystal reveals to AARP the Magazine.

Jeffrey Katzenberg brought me over to his house when they were making Aladdin and said, ‘You have to meet this young man.’ It turned out to be John Lasseter.

“I thought John was a genius, but I got bad advice from agents and managers, then didn’t follow my own instincts.

“It turned out not happening [for me], and now it’s one of the great movies of all time.”

And very good news for Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, or maybe Don Rickles. (Billy graciously doesn’t specify which part he rejected.)

But the comic actor later shined up his Billy Crystal ball and made up for it–or tried to.

Says Billy:

“The next time John called, I picked up the phone and went, ‘Whatever it is, John, yes!’

“It turned out to be Monsters, Inc.

And we all know that that was 100 times bigger than Toy Story.

Well, actually no, but hey, I liked it!