The wad of ascending killer bands flooding from Brooklyn’s DIY punk pantheon truly is the shit. The stellar barrage is relentless, and now BOYTOY has joined the tribe. Like Potty Mouth and Amanda X, grungy co-ed trio BOYTOY–its moniker righteously swiped from the 80’s heyday of Madonna’s glorious Like A Virgin reign—melts the lo-fi godhead hook-centric indie pop simplicity made legendary by K Records with the contagiously sweet 90’s-era Boston rockin’ rollick sounds of Belly, Throwing Muses and The Breeders. BOYTOY’s debut EP, released earlier this year, slays with hooks galore, gushing with syrupy pogo-crazed riffers on its seven sun-soaked anthems, their bass-less tunes the sublime summer soundtrack. Plus they even have a rad vid featuring that SNL dude, Horatio Sanz.

Fri., Aug. 29, 11:59 p.m., 2014