BREAKING NEWS!: Milledge Cuts Hair!


Look, it’s been a slow camp, okay?

Milledge arrived in the locker room without his signature braids, and I’ve gotta say, he looks pretty good. “Whoa!” said Jose Reyes. “Gotta get my grown man on,” said Milledge. “I’m a grown man now.” Teammates and reporters alike agreed that it’s an improvement. “Maybe I can steal a base now,” he joked.

In other news, there was still no Duaner Sanchez this morning. We’ll see what he has to say when he arrives tomorrow; so far, his teammates seem to be backing Randolph all the way.

The Mets take on the Tigers this afternoon, with old friend Kenny Rogers on the mound. I will keep a sharp eye out for “substances” on his hand and report back later.