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What Do You Have to Know Before You Buy Trenbolone

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Trenbolone: Benefits, Effects, Esters Comparison
  • Tips to Buy High-Quality Trenbolone
  • Trenbolone for Sale Best Brands. Overview + Verification Guide
  • What Does It Feel Like When You’re on Trenbolone?
  • Trenbolone Stacking – The Best Steroids to Stack with Tren
  • Side Effects of Tren: What to Do to Avoid Them?
  • Trenbolone Results – Before & After

What is Trenbolone: Benefits, Effects, Esters Comparison

Searching for trenbolone for sale, you’ve probably heard about the absolute and undeniable power of this medicine. Indeed, tren is the king of anabolic steroids, and the benefits it provides make trenbolone definitely the most valuable steroid for the money it costs.

Tren features. Trenbolone is an anabolic androgenic steroid hormone of the nandrolone group. It is a progestin-active hormone and affects prolactin levels. Tren suppresses your natural testosterone levels, but it cannot perform all the functions of testosterone. Therefore, you always have to take tren together with testosterone injections for sale.

Trenbolone Benefits

Tren is a very versatile steroid for performing any bodybuilding task: it builds muscle, burns fat, and provides great pump and strength. Also, trenbolone makes your muscles stiff and hard, while during the workout you feel extremely driven and focused.

Trenbolone effects are:

  1. Great strength – you feel muscles better than ever before. Tren gives you extreme power so you are going to add more and more plates.
  2. Huge muscle growth – the anabolic ratio of trenbolone is 500%, making it a 5 times more powerful muscle gainer than testosterone. It leads to truly fantastic results in muscle building.
  3. Fat burning – almost every professional bodybuilder uses trenbolone during preparation. There are no drugs that can provide a similar outcome when it comes to fat loss.
  4. Best pump – makes your muscles full and provides the best pumped feeling you can have with an anabolic steroid cycle.
  5. Muscle hardness – tren makes your muscles stiffer, harder, and more grainy significantly more than other anabolic steroids do.
  6. Endurance – you can train harder and more often. Tren allows making workouts extremely intensive, while at the end of a set you are capable of making more forced reps, which are the most important for bodybuilding.
  7. Drive & focus – remember the days you had your best workout sessions? Awesome motivation and maximum concentration, so you literally can’t wait to go to the gym. Trenbolone makes every workout your favorite workout.
  8. Best drug for recomposition – trenbolone is the ultimate steroid for making your fat burn while increasing your muscle volume. Trenbolone is the only steroid that can completely prevent muscle breakdown. Keeping your carbs moderate, you can make your muscles bigger and your body fat percentage lower at the same time.
  9. Tren God mode – this feature is trenbolone’s ace of trumps for most bodybuilders and regular users. Tren provides a great feeling of confidence, and life motivation to become better and better every day. Like a new battery and you are fully charged.
    Those who tried trenbolone at least once would agree – tren gives you feelings that no other anabolic steroid can give. And it feels just awesome.
  10. Increasing HGH release and insulin-like growth factor 1 release (IGF-1) – stimulates fat burning, improves carbohydrate metabolism, and enhances muscle growth performance.
  11. Increases appetite – more food = more fuel for your body during workouts and better protein absorption to promote muscle gains.
  12. Cortisol levels reduction – cortisol is the main catabolic hormone in the human body. The ratio of cortisol to testosterone is the #1 aspect of building muscle.

All of these benefits of trenbolone acetate have been scientifically proven by clinical studies [1], [2], [3], [4].

How to Buy the Best Trenbolone for Sale?

We have a deeper and more detailed review of trenbolone for sale brands with a legit checker later on in this article. But for those of you who don’t want to read all of that, Spectrum Pharma and Pharmacom are considered the best trenbolone brands because of their top quality and affordable price. Those brands are world-known, are beautifully designed, and also provide strong validation systems on their products to prevent you from buying fakes.

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Tren for Bulking & Muscle Mass

From the muscle-growing aspect, tren affects nitrogen retention and androgen receptors and so it skyrockets your protein synthesis: a first key factor for muscle growth. Also, many bodybuilders use tren as it works at minimal dosages. Literally, every mg of this drug leads to a significant increase in muscle mass.

The second key factor for picking trenbolone as a bulking steroid is that tren doesn’t aromatize. It means that your estradiol levels are not going to elevate because of trenbolone, and therefore, you will avoid such estrogenic side effects as gynecomastia (but it still can appear if your prolactin levels are too high) and you prevent high blood pressure, as tren doesn’t cause water retention.

The third factor is a mental boost. With tren, you feel like a god and you are capable of training much harder. And more stress on your muscles signals your body to stimulate its growth even more.

Besides all of that, tren also enhances your appetite, provides a great pump, and significantly increases your strength indicators.

All of these make trenbolone a great choice for bulking.

Cutting with Trenbolone – Is Tren Good for Fat Loss?

Why does trenbolone work better than other anabolic steroids while you dieting? In his review of Trenbolone, Dr. Scally claims that it inhibits the breakdown of proteins (which our muscle cells consist of) by surrounding glucocorticoid receptors. This is a different mechanism and testosterone doesn’t do it.

In a medical study [5], trenbolone and testosterone’s androgenic and anabolic effects were compared. It was proven that trenbolone not only has a different anabolic mechanism of action than testosterone but also shows fewer androgenic side effects.

Also, trenbolone inhibits cortisol, which is the main catabolic hormone in our body, increased levels of which under any circumstances will lead to muscle breakdown. Trenbolone is extremely good at this aspect as it not only makes you look better, makes your body shape shredded and body fat percentage lower, but also it keeps 100% (or close to) of your muscles while you dieting. Even if you keep carbs very low.

As a result, we have an agent that has a lot of benefits, including its anti-catabolic side benefit, which completely prevents protein breakdown, which other steroids just don’t have. None of the other steroids bring you the same results in cutting or recomposition as tren does.

Trenbolone Acetate vs Trenbolone Enanthate

What to choose and how? – The answer is simple: choose what you like more. But for those who haven’t tried tren yet, the best option is to start with acetate as it’s easier to manage before you pick your effective dosage. If your dosage is bigger than it should be, you may start experiencing problems with sleep. At this point, if you are on tren ace, you are going to fix this faster, simply by lowering your dosage.

Once you know how much tren works for you without side effects, you can start other tren esters: parabolan, enanthate, and tri-tren (a mix of three trenbolones).

Tips to Buy High-Quality Trenbolone

Buying trenbolone online might be difficult for those who don’t know what to look for. And regular changes in Google and Bing search results on this term prove that point. Let’s see what you have to be aware of choosing trenbolone for sale.

Pharmaceutical-grade Trenbolone for Sale

Here comes the most common mistake people make buying tren. Actually, there is no such thing as pharma-grade trenbolone. Why? To answer this question, we have to look at the history of tren.

Tren ace was discovered in the 1970s and was used in veterinary care. Tren acetate (Finajet) was never used on humans for medical purposes. To use it on humans, pharmaceutical manufacturers discovered a different ester of trenbolone – trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or tren hexa (trade name Parabolan). Parabolan was designed in 1980 but was discontinued in 1997.

And since then, the pharmaceutical version of trenbolone has not been widely produced on the world market. Therefore, you can only find underground tren, and some of them can be of excellent quality. But the problem is that 90% of other brands sell crap tren, so you have to know how to choose the right one.

Do Not Buy Fake Tren (Watch Out – Scammers)

The next problem when you’re buying tren is that even after you’ve found a brand with good quality tren, there is still a chance for you to buy crap. There are many companies pretending to be the brand you choose.

A simple example we’ve faced recently. You might have heard of Magnus Pharmaceuticals. A decent brand with a world name.

Here is their official website: https://www.magnuspharmaceuticals.ltd

And here is a fake website: https://magnuspharma.net/

The funny thing is that they have copied the verification system of the original website, but any code you enter there would be valid. So, you have to be careful with that.

Our partners, a-steroidshop.ws, have a special guide on the verification of brands like Spectrum Pharma, Pharmacom, ZPHC, Magnus, and others. They also provide links to the official websites of manufacturers and the original products that they sell.

Trenbolone verification guide

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Where to Buy Trenbolone Online?

Looking for trenbolone for sale, you cannot simply go to a pharmacy and buy tren there, as you can do, for example, with testosterone. With tren, the best option is to find a source online to have a wide range of choices.

In that case, you have to be sure that you aren’t buying a homemade brew. Yes, all tren for sale brands are in fact underground, even such giants as Pharmacom. But even if they don’t have as many regulations and strict controls as pharmaceutical companies do, it doesn’t mean that they cannot make a pure product of great quality.

So you have to look for a source that sells original products of big world-known brands like Pharmacom, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Spectrum Pharma, ZPHC, Magnus, or Integra. If you aren’t sure your web store actually has the products they claim to have, you can simply ask them to make a picture of a piece of paper with your name on it and a product you look for in the same picture. This way, you’ll be sure that this pharma store is the one you can trust.

A great example of such a source is a-steroidshop. We have worked with them for a long time and they offer the best service you can find today. Why should you give them a shot?

  1. Original products. Every product they sell you can validate at the manufacturer’s official website.
  2. The best price range. The a-steroid team offers the most affordable prices on gear and shipping you can find for the brands they sell.
  3. Express shipping and USA domestic steroids options. A-steroidshop offers three delivery options at the moment: USA domestic steroids with 2–4 business days shipping time in the US; express delivery with 3–7 days delivery; and international shipping with 15–20 days delivery with the most affordable prices.
  4. Shipping guarantees. A-steroid team always delivers. You will receive your order no matter what and in case there is a seizure or something else happens to your order during the shipping, the team will send you a new one for free.

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Trenbolone for Sale Brands. Overview + Verification Guide

What is the difference between trenbolone for sale brands?

When buying tren from a no-name brand you always risk getting a fake filling (cheaper to fill with testosterone or just oil and sell it as tren); lack of purity – a dirty product that sores at the injection site; and poor active substance concentration – when the manufacturer claims his product has 100 mg of tren/ml but in fact, lab tests show only ~30 mg/ml.

Besides that, it’s just scary to inject into your body a product that has been cooked somewhere in the kitchen in less than hygienic conditions.

So, there are some important factors you have to look at.

  1. Design of the package and label. That seems obvious, but in fact, we often see situations when people appeal to us for a legit check of a product they buy from a source we haven’t heard about.
    And we see the package with an ugly design, the cheapest carton, and this product is like telling you that you don’t have to buy it. Then, we go to the manufacturer’s website from the address placed somewhere on the package. And what do we see? Their website doesn’t work. Sometimes, even all these red flags don’t prevent some people from buying such products. So, you have to be careful with that
  2. Brand mentions on forums and other independent sources. If a brand is worth your attention, you can always find many reviews, discussions, and other references to this brand name. And it has to be easy to find.
  3. Validation system. Every big manufacturer is your ally in the war with fakes. They are interested in you buying an original product, as they receive money for this. And if you buy a fake, they, in turn, get nothing. Therefore, they are going to have product verification so you can legitimately check the origin of your product.

In the next section, we are going to provide you with our top 5 trenbolone for sale brands. Our partners, a-steroidshop, have a special guide on the verification of these brands.

Check it out via the link.

Top 5 Best Trenbolone for Sale Brands Reviewed

Spectrum Pharma Tren A – The Best Option to Buy Trenbolone Acetate

  • Rich & comfortable design. Comes in a package with an engraved logo. Each vial is made of clear transparent glass with 10 ml solution and a plastic cap on the top.
  • Strong validation system. The side of each package contains a scratchable silver line with the protection code. You can verify your Spectrum Pharma on this website: https://a.spectrum-pharma.com/
  • Fast & safe shipping (3–7 days). a-steroidshop.ws delivers Spectrum Pharma product line within 3–7 days to the US. Also, the team provides a shipping guarantee, which means that you are definitely going to receive your product and if something happens to your product during shipping, they will send you a new one for free.
  • 54% purity. Lab tests on Spectrum Pharma Tren A show 99.54 mg of Trenbolone Acetate concentration per ml.
  • Cottonseed oil. Spectrum Pharma uses cottonseed oil for its product solution.
  • Our personal top pick.

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Pharmacom Labs Pharma Tren100 – Expensive but The Most Effective

  • Pharmacom Labs. One of the biggest and most famous gear manufacturers. So, you can expect a top-quality product when buying Pharmacom’s Trenbolone acetate.
  • 99,72% pure product. Lab tests on Pharma Tren100 show 99.72 mg of Trenbolone Acetate concentration per ml.
  • The most effective tren. Pharma tren100 is more effective than other trenbolone for sale brands.
  • Grapeseed oil. Pharmacom uses grapeseed oil for its product solution.
  • USA Domestic delivery option. a-steroidshop offers Pharmacom trenbolone: trenbolone acetate and tren enanthate delivery from their warehouses in the US. 2–4 business days for delivery. You can also find other steroids at their USA domestic warehouse to buy together with your tren.
  • Vials & ampoules. Pharmacom has a variety of packaging: it may come in vials and in ampoules so you can choose what suits you better.

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Magnus Trenbolone Enanthate – The Best Price/Value Trenbolone Enanthate

  • Affordable and effective. Magnus Tren Enanthate is almost as effective as Pharmacom’s one but costs less and users report fewer cases of injection site pain.
  • Great purity. Lab tests on Magnus Trenbolone Enanthate show an active substance concentration of 201.10 mg/ml.
  • The best price. Magnus trenbolone enanthate costs less than other brands of the same quality.

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ZPHC Mix of 3 Trenbolones – a Great Price/Value Tri-Tren

  • Fast & safe shipping. Buy Tri-tren from ZPHC brand with express shipping from UAE (FedEx/DHL) and receive your order within 3–7 days.
  • Strong fake protection. Each vial of ZPHC tri-tren contains a unique protection code which you can validate at https://validation.zphc.com/.
  • Great price. The price for ZPHC products is lower than for other brands of the same top quality.

Looking for a tri-tren mix? The best place to buy it is our partner’s online store: a-steroidshop.ws, where you can buy trenbolone, and other anabolic steroids for sale at a discounted price. Use the BIGTASTY coupon code at the link to get 20% off on everything in your cart on your first order at a-steroidshop.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals Parabolan – Buy Tren Hex (Honorable Mention)

Looking to buy the original Balkan Pharmaceuticals tren hex? This is hard to find today as the manufacturer had problems with the government recently and has lots of fakes due to its high popularity. But our partners, a-steroidshop, have their own channels and they have the full line of Balkan Pharmaceuticals products for sale.

  • World’s most famous brand. A legendary brand, which is known by every person who is interested in bodybuilding.
  • Great effectiveness. Balkan is known for the extreme effectiveness of Oxandrolone (Anavar) and Parabolan. But due to this fact, this brand is a bit pricey. You pay top dollar for Balkan products at any genuine online store.
  • Certified brand. Balkan is one of the very few brands producing pharmaceutical products and is certified to be sold in pharmacies.

How Does It Feel Like When You on Trenbolone?

This is what interests the most guys who haven’t used tren before as trenbolone has a lot of myths surrounding it about the feelings you get with this drug. Most experienced users tell us that tren feels awesome, but there are still some who have the opposite opinion.

In this section, we are going to provide you with our own experience and the thoughts of many people who we’ve consulted.

Tren makes you feel very self-confident. Not only in sports, but in communication either. Thus, you become more charismatic and the shape you can maintain on the Trenbolone cycle only boosts that effect.

Tren users just exude confidence and everybody notices that. “I didn’t want to fight people, but I did walk into bars/clubs and feel like a lion” – one tren user said. Simply put, it makes you feel invulnerable.

Trenbolone cycle

In this section, we are going to describe how to build a correct cycle with trenbolone, what mistakes you don’t have to make, and how to administer your tren cycle. We will also talk about tren stacking and PCT after a trenbolone cycle.

Why is a Trenbolone-only Cycle a Bad Idea? (Without Testosterone)

Many people don’t get why a steroid cycle should always include testosterone. Imagine you start tren-only. Tren is a testosterone-like molecule. When you inject tren, your body stops producing your natural testosterone and its levels go 0. Yes, but I have tren in my blood. Trenbolone, as a different substance, can’t perform all the functions of testosterone. For example, tren is not an estrogenic steroid, thus, it doesn’t aromatize.

Without testosterone, you’ll start experiencing androgen deficiency.

Symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Low libido.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • LDL levels (bad cholesterol) increase and HDL levels (good cholesterol) decrease. May lead to cardiovascular disease.
  • Joint pain. As your estradiol levels also goes to zero (tren doesn’t aromatize), the amount of synovial fluid in the joints decreases, which leads to injuries.

Besides, without estradiol, you won’t gain much muscle mass, and your muscles will be soft and your bones will be brittle.

Trenbolone Stacking – The Best Anabolic Steroids to Stack with Tren

Trenbolone cycle should always contain a testosterone compound. Also, Tren works great with almost any other steroid. Here we are going to explain the best combinations.

Tren and Testosterone

Which ester of testosterone is better with trenbolone hormone? We suggest you look for the same or close half-life of the test and tren.

For example, Trenbolone acetate is better to stack with testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate – short esters of testosterone as you can inject them in one day and manage your cycle better. Trenbolone enanthate and Parabolan go better with testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, and sustanon 250 as they can also be injected with the same frequency.

Below we are going to provide you with an example of what your trenbolone cycle should look like.

Tren and Test cycle protocol (bulking):

  • Week 1 – 12 – Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg (1 ml) every 3 days (Ex: Mon, Thu, Sun).
  • Week 1 – 12 – HCG 500 IU on the same day as you inject testosterone (Recommended for maintaining fertility, sperm regulation, and easier recovery on PCT).
  • Week 1 – 10 – Trenbolone Enanthate 100 mg (0.5 ml) every 3 days (*You can mix them in one syringe with testosterone only if you have both tren and test from one brand. Otherwise, use two different needles).
  • Optional – Cabergoline 0.5 mg once a week during the whole cycle to control your prolactin levels.
  • PCT (Weeks 15 – 18) – You start Post Cycle Therapy after long esters on approximately the 20th day after your last testosterone injection. PCT consists of two stages – preparational and PCT itself (requires anti-estrogen).
    Week 15 – HCG 2000 IU/every other day. Prepares your testicles for the recovery of your testosterone natural production.
    Week 16 – 17 – Clomid 100 mg/day.
    Week 16 – 18 – Nolvadex 20 mg/every other day.

Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Propionate cutting cycle:

  • Week 1 – 10Testosterone Propionate 100 mg (1 ml) every other day (EOD).
  • Week 1 – 10HCG 1000 IU once a week.
  • Week 1 – 8 – Trenbolone Acetate 50 mg (0.5 ml) EOD. Together with testosterone injections.
  • PCT (Weeks 11 – 13) – HCG 2000 IU for weeks 9 – 10, Clomid 100 mg/day for weeks 11 – 12, and Nolvadex 20 mg/every other day for weeks 11 – 13.

This is what your full cycle should look like, but if you are not that competent in anabolic steroids to make a cycle, we recommend you do not copy any of these, but ask the a-steroidshop team for a free consultation they provide to our readers. They are professionals and will suggest you the best cycle and PCT based on your health, goals, and needs.

Free steroid cycle consultation with a-steroidshop team by the link.

Tren with Oral Steroids

Trenbolone works even better with oral steroids for sale. The best oral steroids to stack your trenbolone acetate with are Tbol for sale, and Oxandrolone pills for sale. These are the best as they don’t cause side effects and work differently in  men’s bodies, skyrocketing your trenbolone cycle results.

You can simply choose one of the cycles we provided in the previous section and add Turinabol or Anavar (Oxandrolone) 30 mg/day for 10 weeks.

Also, you might consider stacking your Trenbolone with Anadrol for bulking, and with Clenbuterol, or Stanozolol for cutting.

Other injectable steroids to stack with tren are:

  • Masteron. One of our favorites. Makes you feel calmer, and gives you better drive during workout sessions. 100 mg/EOD with tren ace and 400 mg/week with a long ester cycle.
  • Primobolan. The safest of injectable steroids. As experienced users say, there is never too much Primo in your cycle, so if you have money for it – feel free to add 600–800 mg of Primobolan weekly in your cycle.
  • Nandrolone (Deca/NPP). Work great together, but requires Cabergoline, as your prolactin levels are most likely going to elevate with two drugs affecting progesterone receptor. Tren also controls the water retention of nandrolone.

And all of these you can buy at a discounted price at a-steroidshop.ws and receive the best quality products. To get a 20% discount on your first order, go to a-steroidshop via the link and paste the coupon code BIGTASTY on the cart or checkout page.

Trenbolone and HGH

HGH is perfect with any steroids and it only makes your cycle better. So we always recommend buying HGH to combine with your steroid cycle, if you have the money for it. Human growth hormone allows you to inject fewer dosages of steroids and make much more progress than you would have with higher dosages of anabolics but without HGH.

Besides, HGH is great for a TRT period. When you end your cycle and have a pause before your next cycle with testosterone only, HGH doesn’t allow your muscles to break down. Therefore, HGH injections are perfect for those, who are going to have Post Cycle Therapy but don’t want to lose the progress achieved during the cycle.

Trenbolone together with HGH provides extreme results in any bodybuilding goal you seek:  cutting, bulking, or recomposition.

HGH protocols for bodybuilding include 4–6 IU of human growth hormone per day for 3–6 months, so you can continue HGH after you stop your trenbolone cycle.

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Side Effects of Tren: What to Do to Avoid Them?

  • Gynecomastia. Is usually caused by increased prolactin levels. Simply control your prolactin levels or use Cabergoline 0.5 mg/week and you are going to avoid this problem.
  • Tren cough. Can happen with any other compound, but happens the most often after injecting trenbolone acetate. It’s uncomfortable, but there is no risk to your health and it usually only lasts for a few minutes.
  • Acne. Happens rarely with tren, but may happen if you have had oily skin before the cycle. Severe acne cases usually require retinoids like Roaccutane pills. Start with low dosages and see if that helps. Better to consult with your dermatologist before starting Roaccutane or at least with an expert in sports medicine. For example, you can contact and ask the a-steroidshop.ws team for help.
  • Trensomnia and night sweats. May happen with everyone and is a dose-dependent side effect. We recommend starting with trenbolone acetate as this ester is short and you can lower the dosage to solve this problem fast. With trenbolone enanthate or parabolan, you can’t lower its concentration in your blood very fast as they are slow-releasing steroids and you will have to wait for their half-life to pass.
  • Roid rage. There is no such thing as roid rage. To give you the best example of how it works – have you ever heard that money makes people bad? Actually, it is not money that makes people become worse personalities. It only gives them enough courage to be themselves. It works the same way with steroids. Tren won’t make you aggressive if you weren’t before, but if you can’t control yourself, it’s better to refrain from taking steroids.

Trenbolone Results – Before & After

Trenbolone is one of the best injectable steroids and helps a user to reach a different level. It helps you to lose fat, build significant muscle size, and create an impressive shredded shape.

With tren, you can expect a real transformation of your body that no other drugs can provide. And the best part is that tren requires really low dosages to work. You will achieve terrific results on the minimal effective dosage of trenbolone.

Wrap-Up – Final Thoughts on Tren

Tren is a truly unique anabolic steroid, which has a list of benefits for bodybuilding that no other oral or injectable steroids can provide. And if you correctly manage the negative impact of trenbolone side effects, this drug will take you to a whole new level. Are you ready for it?

Our partners, A-STEROIDSHOP, provide our readers with a 20% discount on their first purchase with them. To participate in this special offer, use the BIGTASTY coupon code at https://a-steroidshop.ws/ by the link.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope you have found what you’ve been looking for!


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