Checking Out the New Breakfast at Rosemary’s in the Village


A flying wedge of flavor, the salmon panino at Rosemary’s

Breakfast is the new frontier. The lure is lower prices and fewer crowds. And a really relaxing meal. This was precisely what FiTR found at the new breakfast service offered by West Village restaurant Rosemary’s.


Eggs in purgatory!

The south-facing facade was awash in bright sunlight, and the interior glowed like a bonfire — a real asset in winter months, when you want to recharge your batteries with radiant energy.

The menu is mainly eggs, sunny-side up or scrambled. I had uovo en purgatorio ($11), a bowl of two eggs with jiggly upfacing yellows ringed with a chunky tomato sauce that flung off some heat. Maybe not a purgatorial heat, but heat nonetheless. It came with a trio of toast fingers for dipping.

My date (yes, you can have a date at breakfast, whatever you did the night before) ordered the salmon panino, a sandwich of cured bright-orange fish slathered with mascarpone and capers, and quite scrumptious.

Refills on coffee, too!

The sunny, south-facing facade of Rosemary’s

The new breakfast menu (click on image to enlarge)