Christina Tosi Advises the General Public to Relax About the Lack of Cake Slices at Momo Milk Bar


Oh, the scandal! Momofuku Milk Bar, Eater announced earlier this afternoon, is no longer selling cake by the slice. It’s devastating news for solo cake lovers and roving stoners alike, as well as those fond of using the slices as meal replacements.

But apparently it’s not particularly upsetting news for the majority of the Milk Bar’s customers: One of the reasons they’ve stopped selling slices, Christina Tosi says, is because they weren’t really selling enough of them to keep their cakes fresh. “We want to be as fresh as possible,” she says. “We were running into issues with waste. I don’t want to say no to somebody at 10 at night who wants a slice of banana cake, even though I know that the chance of other people wanting a slice is slim to none.”

Plus, she adds, the time it took to cut slices was in part what made the waits so interminable. “Our biggest fear was that we don’t want to alienate our favorite customers who love the cake slices, but at same time, it was definitely making a longer line,” Tosi says. “I’d always look at the line and think, wow, who would want to wait in a line that long?”

Aside from 86’ing their cake slices, the Milk Bar team has been busy moving into their new Williamsburg baking facility and updating the packaging for their cookies and pies so that customers will be more inclined to carry them out than consuming them in the Milk Bar’s crowded confines. “We basically brought out a new line of packaging for the pie slices to vamp it up,” Tosi says. “Now they’re like little McDonald’s-style pie boxes. You can get pie to go and eat it like a slice of pizza.”

As for the cakes, they’ll still be available, sold as six-inch cakes that, Tosi advises, you can split with friends. Or better yet, you can buy a whole one for yourself and keep it in your freezer. “I keep a pie in my freezer at all times and hack away at it,” Tosi says. “That’s my strategy.”