David Cross Endorses Scientology In a Way Only He Can


Oh, David Cross, not since your never-nude turn on Arrested Development have you shined like this.

Sure, the audience at the MTVu “Woodie Awards” — ahem, whatever the hell that is* — seems bewildered by your deadpan endorsement of Hubbard tech at “Flag” (aka, the Scientology spiritual HQ at Clearwater, Florida, where the hardcore indoctrinated pay tens of thousands of dollars to achieve upper-level stages on the “bridge” to total enlightenment by learning to rid their bodies of invisible, parasitic space alien souls).

This is comedy gold, my friend. You almost have us salivating to join you in some New Era Dianetics on the Freewinds, hombre!

*Woodie Awards: something about music played on college campuses. Airing December 4. Whatever.

Hat tip: Wise Beard Man, as usual!